A look back at 2008 resolutions

Wednesday, December 31, 2008
I figure the last day of the year is a good time to take stock of whether I reached my goals/resolutions for 2008. So here goes:

1: Decrease stash to 100ish by end of February: Oh, I honestly don't know if I reached that goal. But I was pretty close.

2: Purchase yarn only for known projects: Yeah, this worked well for the first half of the year, but then Knit a Bit went out of business so I had to buy up 75% off yarn, and then I went to Stitches, took a pilgrimage to Webs, and my SIL gave me a Webs gift certificate for Xmas. That accounts for about 100 skeins of projectless yarn. :) I've decided to let go of my stress over the stash. It is what it is, and it all fits perfectly well in the closet, so why worry? I could have a much more expensive hobby - like, ahem, Sailing? - and other people benefit from it, so I can deal. Plus, the pattern writing supports most of the purchases, so it's not even hurting the household economy.

3: Pattern writing: 2 patterns published in books, 1 published in Yarn Magazine, 1 written for an indy dyer, 5 new patterns posted for sale via Ravelry, 2 MagKnits patterns rewritten and posted for sale on Ravelry, plus 4 new free patterns on this blog and 1 on the 20 Hats Project blog (which is now largely defunct, sigh). That's 11 new for sale patterns plus 5 new free patterns. I have a bunch more in the works that would have gotten written up (4 patterns for Stitchjones, 1 alpaca hat, 1 baby blanket, 1 bowl, etc.) had I not been so sick over the summer.

4: Knit from books: Miserable failure. Oh well. But I did reorganize and relocate the books so that they're more accessible. Also, I weeded a few.

5: Make 2 preemie hats a month: Two parts to this answer. In September I took 57 hats to UNC Hospitals, and in December I gave 10 to Johns Hopkins. So the sum of hats collected was 67 (or about 5 1/2 per month). Of these I think I made about 22 - so I would call this goal reached. Yay!

6: Write thank you notes: More or less accomplished successfully. I'm writing this year's Christmas thank yous on Friday while working at the library's desk all day by my lonesome.

7: Lose 15 pounds: I lost 5, and then gained 30. But the 30 is related to one of the other goals, so it's ok.

8: House stuff: Replacing the a/c took precedence over getting the outside painted and the bathroom redone. But this year we'll have the outside redone, and maybe the roof replaced. I did paint the guest room and (with the husband and Mom's help) created and planted the front bed. It's a bit embarrassing that we're almost at two years of naked trim in the powder room. I may have to just do that this weekend.

9: Clean out the house: Check!

10: In progress, check back in March!


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