Favorite patterns, vol 1

Monday, December 22, 2008
I've decided to hang onto my favorite patterns that someone else has made in the blog - my Ravelry queue and favorites are just too overwhelming, and this way I can post the links and possibly my progress if I actually knit some of them.

This week I'm excited about the latest pattern from Penwiper called "Exfoliate!" It's a washcloth with a Dalek image centered on the front. Penwiper also has knitting patterns for Dalek and Tardis toys, and baby booties called "Proudfeet". Obviously this is a good site to bookmark if you or someone you love is a sci/fi/fantasy addict. Those of you who prefer sewing and baking will also find fun things there.

Speaking of sewing and baking, my mother is currently running my sewing machine ragged trying to get Christmas presents done. At least I come by the "ohmygodit'schristmasonthursday" syndrome honestly. I'm nearly done with the gift for my brother, and just want to make a hat for the nephew out of the same yarn. And that's all. Should be doable, even without needing to knit surreptitiously during the midnight service on Wednesday!

Those of you who receive mailed gifts from us, they're coming after Christmas. We just haven't gotten ourselves in gear to send them yet. :)


  • Liz Miller

    OH. MY. GOD!!!!

    Those are just the greatest! I had to send the link to my (big Dr. Who fan) husband.

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