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Monday, December 08, 2008
My hands have been hurting very very badly for the last few weeks - so much so that I did no knitting from the Saturday after Thanksgiving (Nov. 29th) until Dec. 5th (the following Friday). After that I just couldn't take it anymore! I've scaled back the Xmas gifts (again) and am just happy that I got some things done over the summer, even with my morning sickness.

Here's the tally so far: Two toys, a Navy watchcap, and a backscrubber completed over the summer, plus several baby hats for Duke hospitals (anyone who wants to knit for this project, feel free and let me know - I'm planning to take them over either the last week in December or the first week in January). I need to weave in the ends for a headband (with antennae) and a hat, and to finish one of the Dashing mitts that I'm doing. I'm only doing one of the mitts before Xmas b/c I'm concerned that it will be too small and I don't want to do both and then have to make a completely new set. The recipient will understand, I'm sure. I've also completed four washcloths and am halfway through another - though I'm worried about the amount of yarn I have left for it so may throw in some decorative striping. That leaves two projects left to start - a Calorimetry and some mittens for the DH out of handspun that I bought at a Nature Conservancy farm. Luckily he will understand if I only give him the yarn and the pattern, with an IOU attached!

Don't feel too bad about me missing out on nearly a week's worth of knitting. On the Saturday after T-day we were in MA but my MIL and Nunu took off on a cruise. So, we borrowed the MIL's car and drove to Northampton for a morning of shopping at the actual Webs store. I was in heaven! I think this may become a traditional trip - maybe only every other year - since it was so much fun to wander about. The DH took pics, and if I can find his camera I'll post some. I bought a lot of yarn. No really, a lot of yarn. If you took the value before the 25% discount, I bought 10 times my age in $, and 1.5 times my age in #skeins. Which begs the question, how old is KT? Hah!

This meant that I had a lot of yarn to fondle over the next few days. It's a good thing yarn is light and squishy. I was able to pack it all into the duffel that we tuck into the carseat bag and check when flying. All that yarn, and it was still under 50 pounds!

When we got home we embarked on a grand cleanout of the house. My 'rents are coming down for Christmas and have graciously agreed to help move furniture in order to set up the nursery (baby's not due 'til March, but this is my best opportunity to have people who can lift stuff!). As the nursery is what was my "yarn room," I had to find space for the yarn, sewing, and other crafts. This involved cleaning out my closet, inventorying the yarn (including finding all the yarn that's scattered around the house), resorting it, labeling the drawers, cleaning out the crafts hutch, etc. That took me two evenings plus most of Saturday. According to Ravelry, I currently have about 285 skeins of yarn - of which about 10 are encumbered in WIPs. This doesn't count the 20 or so that I gave away to coworkers and preschool. Wow.

We're now nearly done cleaning out the bedrooms. I need to tidy the master bedroom and then dust/vacuum everything. Then we'll be ready for a tidy of the downstairs (including dusting/vacuuming), and then I can finally decorate for Christmas. The real areas of concern are the DD's bedroom and her nook in the family room. Those are totally out of control. She's a total packrat, so weeding toys/books/clothes is a pain in the neck. We've got to get it taken care of before the 'rents come in a week and a half, though, so I'll just push through. :)


  • ponyknit

    Webs is quite the experience. Glad to hear you had a good time and good "sample" to take home with you ;)

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