Late October/Early November Roundup

Monday, November 24, 2008
I realize I've been AWOL from the blog for a while. This is mostly because I've been travelling a LOT lately, so haven't had decent Internet connectivity (or, really, time).

The last week in October I was in Columbus, OH for the ASIS&T annual meeting. The Columbus Art Museum has some nifty early 20th cent American political paintings, and a hallway full of cotton/wool loomed 19th cent. coverlets. They have a special exhibit by Peter Zimmerman that defies explanation. Hopefully the website has a description.

Then I was home for a few days.

And then I went to Stitches East for four days (dang, website is gone). I knit so much my hands were non-functional by Sunday. Luckily that day I took a design course called "East Meets West." It was great, and now I'm all inspired to design actual adulty clothing. I'll probably stick with the kidswear, though. The first class I took was on "backwards knitting" (which I refer to as "reverse") from Candace Eisner-Strick. It was really helpful, particularly for edges, bobbles, and thin things. I had two classes on knitting raglans from the top down - my only feedback would be that it would be helpful to know what the gauge is supposed to be (I know, shoot me), as in the first class I ended up with a sweater that fit ME rather than a baby doll. Last class was on closed cables with Melissa Leapman. (link is to her books on Amazon - this class was the "continuous cables"). Not enough content, and we had to go slow for people who'd never read a chart before (why do you take an advanced cabling class if you're not familiar with cables?), but the technique was way cool and I got to show off by doing the design challenge. And now I know how to make that kids' hat that I've been muddling over in my head for months.

Speaking of which, the knitting on the Stitchjones bag is done and just needs to be seamed up and the pattern written up. The hat is a: finished, b: adorable, and c: will be sent out for testing after T-day. I've got a lot left of the hat yarn and am debating what kind of winter set I should design for it. I'm thinking socks, mittens, and a kids' scarf. Maybe some kind of keyhole thing. We'll see. Comments welcome.

Knitting too much makes my hands hurt - apparently pregnant women have to be careful about repetitive motion - so I've seriously scaled back the Christmas knitting. Luckily I did some earlier in the year, so it's not horrible. Right now I'm designing a hat out of pure alpaca from Furnace Mountain Alpacas. It was really expensive, but oh so luscious.

The week after Stitches I went to the TRLN Management Academy. Honestly, this fall I've been feeling a bit down on the whole management track thing - and leaning towards going whole hog into academia. But the Academy set me back on track. Truth is, I actually LIKE mission-vision-values-goals-outcomes and project planning. I'm sure this makes my boss relieved - I admit I've been a bit passive-aggressive about the whole shebang this fall. Whew, that phase is over!

Now we're on vacation for Thanksgiving - I brought a whole bag full of knit presents (both made and "potential" - that is, yarn). Later in the week I'm making a pilgrimage to Webs (hey, looky, new website design!). Non-knitters really don't understand why I'm so excited about this, but the husband is being very patient. We're going to try to take the daughter out there.

And that's the news from KwKT. I'm looking forward to being a homebody for a while before the baby comes. Happy Thanksgiving, all!


  • Dorothy

    Happy Thanksgiving to you! Glad to hear that you are back to knitting full force (but be careful of those hands!)

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