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Friday, October 17, 2008
Yesterday the DD and I stood in line for about 30 minutes so that we could have the bragging rights of being voter #38 to vote at our early voting polling place. That's right, we got to our normal precinct (which is also an early voting location, yippee!) at 9am to find that there were already 37 people in line, and the doors hadn't even opened yet! This is the first time I have deliberately gone to vote on the first day of early voting - and it was such a charge to stand in beautiful weather with other people who were excited about voting (and most of us were voting for the same people, so that made it even better).

The only downside of the whole event is that we nearly left Zippy the Hippo behind. Apparently he was so excited about the electoral process that he wanted to stay, but then he got scared and hid, and so he wasn't with us when we got to the car. Luckily the nice poll worker with the red pokey-dot shoes that the DD had admired was happy to go in and rescue him. Zippy and the DD were mildly traumatized by the event, but all was made better by a hug, liberal (pun intended) application of "I voted" and "Obama/Biden" stickers, and an Obama dance.

Regular readers of the blog will not be surprised to know that I voted for the Obama/Biden ticket and then straight Democratic party - but did you know that one of the ever growing suite of words the DD can reliably read (at the age of 4) is "Obama"? I feel like I'm brainwashing my child quite well, thankyouverymuch. The DH is planning to go sometime next week on his way home from the State Fair with the DD. He's hoping that the line will be quicker in the middle of the afternoon. I hope it's not... Apparently more than 100,000 people voted yesterday alone - that's about 1.6% of the NC voting population. So, yay!, we already have 1.6% turnout!

The Ravelry group Knitters for Barack Obama is having a raffle fundraiser for the general election. I believe I have referenced this in a previous post. Anyway, I'm giving away a package of all of my for-sale patterns (a $41 value, at the moment), plus a full bag of Rowan Handspun Cotton in a purple hue. There is now a blog for non-Ravelry knittas: http://knitters-for-obama.blogspot.com/. As of right now (midnight EST on Friday) we are about $1K short of our $25K goal. The raffle closes Halloween just before midnight (US) Central time. Ravelry users can go here for the forum post about prizes, etc., and here for the KFO main page.

*Amusing side note: Blogger flags "Biden" in the spell checker, but not "Obama."


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