Two women sit on a bench - one is crocheting, one knitting...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008
Yeah, so that's a lousy beginning to either a joke or a Lawson story. Sorry. But after my doctor appointment today I parked at the church (I have a long standing agreement that my "payment" for being the church librarian, I get a parking space on Franklin St. w00t!) and wandered the 30 feet to the bus stop. There was a young woman (college student?) waiting there already and - get this - she was crocheting. I was so excited! I hauled out my knitting, and we spent a companionable fifteen minutes waiting for our respective buses.

Turns out she was trying to get down to the new home of Yarns Etc., which is now on a bus line in Chapel Hill (as opposed to vaguely near a bus line in Carrboro). I gave her more specific directions than she'd had in her head. We chatted a bit, and then my bus came. It was so thrilling to see another person stitching in public, I've been floating all day.

Also, I believe it is time to reveal why I took the summer off blogging and have come back now. I'm having a baby in March! Yay!

Lastly (for now), I'm trying to round up some people to test knit a really simple felted bowl. If you have one skein of Malabrigo lying around and would like to felt something out of it, leave me a comment. I'll send you my standard terms, etc. And yes, I'm also recruiting on Ravelry, so if you want to PM me there go ahead and do so.


  • Dorothy

    I'm glad the news is finally out! Congratulations again!

    I was wondering about you today, hoping you are feeling okay. So glad the ability to knit has returned!

  • RagamuffinQuilts

    Congrats on the baby-to-be! Very exciting at the bus stop too - that's great to see others stitching in public. My friends and I have started doing that here around town - a TON of us get together on Wednesday nights at a coffee shop - lots of fun.

  • ponyknit

    YAY I love those KIP moments... awesome!
    Congrats! ::hugs::

  • Jessica

    Congrats KT! How exciting! On another note, I'm headed to Germany (southern) for Christmas. Any places you recommend?

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