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Sunday, October 12, 2008
Hi again! It's been nearly two months since I blogged last - and I've finally gotten up the energy to come back to it. I have a good reason, really I do, and maybe I'll share it at some point. Anyhoo.

The last two months have been rather exciting, to admit. Here are some highlights:
  • I got my copy of the Knitting Pattern a Day 2009 calendar - three of my patterns are in it. (40 Years bowl, Twisted Ribbon Bag, and a baby hat). In stores now!
  • Finished and sent off my contribution to the Knitting in the Sun book, edited by Kristi Porter. Of course I forgot to photograph it, oops.
  • Got back my contribution to the Luxury One Skein Wonders book. Looks like it's available for sale now!
  • I've been slowly working on patterns for two StitchJones yarns. I like them both, but am having my normal wool-hurts-my-hands problems.
  • Sent off four scarves and three washcloths for the Knitters for Barack Obama Ravelry group community knitting drive (we're sending big boxes of hats/scarves/lap blankets/gloves/washcloths to homeless vets' shelters in key states).
  • Donated several prize packs for the KFO raffles (one is still ongoing! See this Google Docs page for info!).
  • Donated 57 hats to the UNC Hospitals as part of the 20 Hats Project. (that blog also needs attention). I didn't knit all of these - actually a bunch were from Durham String Thing and two ladies in WV/OH.
  • My two hats for the UNC Hospitals Heartfelt Hats drive/contest won second prize! The patterns will be up as soon as I can kick the preschooler off the other computer...
  • I'm now an auntie thrice over - both sisters in law plus my college roomie all had their babies over the summer! All three are boys, which means different knitting from what I've done for the DD.

But in terms of true knitting, I haven't gotten much done. I still have to do some finishing touches on the Elefante (forgot his tail, doh!), seam up a hat, felt some stuff, etc. It's been hard to knit lately - all I want to do is sleep - but I seem to be improving and getting more done. It's time to start thinking about Xmas knitting - perhaps a bit scaled back compared to other years.


  • Alison

    I didn't know you are doing patterns for Stitchjones! I actually met her a couple of weeks ago - she lives in Hillsboro and goes to a coffee-shop knitting group which I am trying to get to when I get the chance. I just bought some lovely worsted from her :D.

    And huge congrats on all the published patterns!

  • KT

    Small world! I meant to tell you to keep a lookout for her - next time you see her tell her I'm working away on the projects. :)

  • Dorothy

    So many exciting things! Congrats on all your published patterns. I'm hoping to get a copy of Luxury OSW for Christmas!

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