Olympic knitting update

Thursday, August 14, 2008
You know that your knitting has really slowed down when your four year old wanders by and says, "Mama, why aren't you knitting? You should really knit!" :) At present I've managed to make the body and two wings for one nephew's cardinal (based on the Bluebird pattern from Berroco), and the body and four legs for the other nephew's Elefante. Hopefully tonight I'll be able to get some more taken care of. I added two jingle bells to the cardinal - so it's more like a rattle now - and am pretty happy with it. Other people had noted that the gauge could be tighter so as to hide the stuffing, and I agree. I wish I'd added more stitches but on smaller needles, so that the thing wasn't so threadbare. Also, it looks a lot like an egg right now (admittedly, much fun to play with), so maybe I'll add feet when I'm done so it can stand up.

I'm very excited about Michael Phelps. I was a lifeguard in high school and college, and have always loved swimmers' bodies. Mmmm. Even the DH understands (of course, he was a swimmer in high school). Something about all that lean muscle... Yesterday on NPR there was a really interesting story about Phelps' dolphin kick. If I remember correctly, he swims differently from most other humans, and more like a dolphin. Way cool! Right after that story they had one about a Harvard backstroker who more or less "invented" the underwater dolphin kick technique and won four Olympic gold medals. Score one for the alma mater. Ooh! NPR has a whole video and story covering both of the news stories. It's very cool, go check it out!


  • Kathy R

    I miss your posts! Regarding your catalytic converter, I remember a time as a young child my mom had taken my brother and me to the library. We came out and my mom couldn't start our car. Someone had stolen the battery! It's really odd and I can't help thinking of this each time I pass the beautiful library in my hometown.

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