Back from vaca!

Friday, August 08, 2008
I've been awol for a while from la blog, largely because of travelling for work and vacation. Also, just haven't felt like blogging. Whatev. This summer has been full of babies and trips. My bother and SIL had their baby (a few days early, but fine), so I got to go out to play with him and help take care of R. He's a cutie, but they're facing the realities of parenting a newborn. I don't know how to reassure them that it'll get better - somehow in our society we have this rosy picture of the new parents and baby when in reality the first six weeks pretty much suck. I remember wondering why in the world we'd screwed up our lives with this cranky, voracious, never-sleeping parasite (that would be the DD). But now that she's 4 she's fabulous and I can barely imagine life without her. I finished E2's blanket about two weeks after he was born - I figure July babies don't need much in the way of blankets for warmth - and am not going to write up the pattern b/c a: it was a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants thing and b: I don't feel like it.

After that was a business trip to the AACP annual meeting in Chicago. Had a good time, went to some good talks, will try to blog about it on my professional blog (which has also been neglected).

I got two charity patterns posted to Ravelry and will get them put up here as soon as I can.

We went to visit the 'rents for a week, which was fun and remarkably relaxing. Luckily my 'rents are the kind of grandparents who are happy to have the DD wake them up in the morning and insist on attention all day long - and will even brush her teeth and put her to bed after the full day! It meant we got to take naps and have alone time, a rarity in normal life. I had to take a nap under my desk my first day back, I'd gotten so used to having them on vacation. (also, naps are wonderful. almost as good as pie).

Vacation was fun. We visited Oma, went to the zoo to see the baby elephant and ride a camel, went sailing, etc. Of course, the first thing the DD told everyone at preschool was the complete story of how I flushed my glasses down the toilet at the zoo. It was an auto-flusher, and the DD is freaked out by those, so I was "helping", and had my glasses tucked into my shirt. Of course, as soon as the auto-flush went off she flipped out, my glasses went flying, and next thing I knew they were gone.

I have to say, some women are true mothers, and the rest of us aspire to it. My mom stuck her hand down the toilet to see if she could retrieve my glasses. I'm so impressed by this, and can only dream someday of being willing to do that for my daughter.

Luckily, my opthalmologist has a fax machine and LensCrafters was having a sale, so now I have spiffy new glasses. Woot!

Tonight starts the Ravelympics for me - I'm attempting to finish four toys for Christmas presents for various children. I know many of you will wonder at this - after all, I am usually the queen of speed knitting - but lately I just haven't been able to knit in the evenings. Mostly I go home, lie down on the couch, and fall asleep. Hopefully the Olympics will keep me awake and knitting tho. I read that in Chinese you order names by how many brushstrokes it takes to write the name (i.e., not "alphabetically", since there's no alphabet) - so that will make the parade of nations a bit more challenging for me. Usually I figure out countries by keeping track of the order. Also, the middle gets a bit dull so it's nice to know how far along we are. I hear this year's opening ceremonies is the most lavish yet, so that should be fun too. Cast on!


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