Random (or not so random) acts of kindness

Wednesday, June 25, 2008
I've been thinking a lot about the things we do to/for each other that are kind vs. not kind. This may be because I'm smarting from being the victim of a random act of meanness (i.e., having my car molested). Also, I've done some things lately that I wouldn't normally do, largely because I felt I had to. I visited my friend Mudge the week she died, to say goodbye, and took photos of the DD to show off how big she's gotten. I saved the world's largest snapping turtle by shooing it out of the road (I'm telling you, it was bigger than a dinner plate. Bigger than my laptop. It was effing HUGE!). Today I went over to the hospital to visit one of the DD's teachers who is in for a systemic infection.

So you can see why I've been feeling good about my karma lately. And then today I get spam comments on my blog. This wee thing, even! Oi.

So, to make myself feel better I just ordered some bulky wool/acrylic yarn to make hats for homeless vets. This is a project of the Ravelry Knitters for Barack Obama (Ravelry link). We're trying to send 100 hats/scarves/washcloths to shelters in several states this fall. I'm lobbying for North Carolina to be one of the states - it all depends on how many people sign up and knit stuff.

Also, I'm having a party on Saturday to talk about politics and knitting. It's a "Unite for Change" house meeting, sponsored by the Obama campaign. If you're in the NC Triangle area and want to come, leave me a comment and I'll send you the info.

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