Knitters for Obama - Unite for Change party

Wednesday, June 11, 2008
I've been very bad about writing to the blog lately - and I have a lot to write about - but this is the thing I'm excited bout right now:

I'm hosting a "house party" in the Unite for Change model for Barack Obama's presidential campaign. I'm inviting knitters, crocheters, spinners, etc. to my house on the 28th at 2pm to watch a video, discuss why we support Obama and ways to help the campaign, and to get in some stitch 'n bitch on the side.

The Ravelry Knitters for Obama are coordinating hat/scarf drives for local veterans' shelters - I'm happy to collect some at this event to donate as well.

You can rsvp for the party by going to and getting a login, then looking for local events. Mine is the top one in my south Durham (NC) zip code. Join me, it'll be fun!


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