I need to prove I've been productive...

Friday, June 20, 2008
But the truth is, all I keep managing to do is knit half a scarf and rip it out. I've done this three times now. The good thing is that I've got the pattern down. The bad thing is that apparently it's not as intuitive as I thought. That's two whole weeks of knitting that's been frogged. Urgh.

In other news, I've been playing around with the blog. I've updated the for-sale patterns to have new Ravelry buttons and project indicators, I updated the Google Ads postings (can you believe I've only made $0.78 this month? weird), and I converted my label list to a cloud. It's way cool, go check it out!

On the needles right now are a whole lotta swatches, plus the remnants of the above-mentioned scarf, and about 1/3rd of a baby blanket. Baby is due in 15 days, I'd better get going!

The new Bull City Fiber Loft is sponsoring a version of the hat attack contest this summer - and I'm working with the woman who is coordinating it to make some hat patterns that can be distributed and made into hats for the 20 Hats Project. I'm all excited to have a little boost to those numbers. Yesterday I came home to a package of hats from two lovely ladies in the midwest (I think they're in the mountainy areas of Ohio/WV, tho, so not under water). Once I get the package photo'ed I'll put up a proper post on the 20HP blog.


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