Happy WWKiP Day!

Saturday, June 14, 2008
My spouse this morning did not believe me that it was WWKiP Day. When we got out of the car to go to the farmer's market, I stuffed a skein of SWTC Bamboo in my pocket (and man, those skeins are big!). He seemed a bit mystified as to why I was going to knit and wander at the same time, and apparently my explanation that "It's World Wide Knit in Public Day!" both was insufficient and sounded like I thought he was an idiot (which I don't). This caused some discord in Familie KT, but I think it has settled down now. I did a Google search for "wwkip" and found 13,800 hits. I believe that convinced him that this was not something my knitting group came up with on Thursday.

I'm pleased to say that the Happy Wrap is blocking in my craft room upstairs! I am knitting up a stockinette swatch - IMHO, giving gauge in stockinette is much more reliable than giving it in the lace pattern, since the gauge of the lace depends very much on how aggressively you block it - and putting the final touches on the pattern. I had fabulous testers this time, and am looking at a release date of this coming Tuesday.

The bamboo is for a secret project. I love it so much more than the previous yarn I'd been using for this thing. I'm doing serious swatching and drafting up the pattern, which is due at the end of next week (not the sample; just the pattern). After being in the doldrums of the wrap for a while it's nice to move on to another project. Plus, since this is all about the swatches, I might even be done with it today. We're taking the DD swimming this afternoon (she "graduated" from her first swimming lessons this week), and I'll take the knitting there too. More KIP!

Not that the wrap was tedious. It has three different lace patterns, done sequentially, and each is a nice combo of interest with simplicity. I found it pretty easy to "read" my knitting for all but the middle one after only one repeat. Also, Brooklyn Handspun's yarn is lovely (and I'm not just saying that because we partnered on this design). I don't usually like knitting with wool - it makes my hands hurt - but this yarn is so soft and non-itchy that even I was able to wrap it around my shoulders yesterday (in my tank top, no less!) and model it in its unblocked glory. I'm really excited about getting the pattern up, and am plotting out more projects I can pitch to Marie for her yarn. Not that I'm ever at a loss for pattern ideas. :)


  • Alison

    Hey, I can vouch for WWKIP day to your disbelieving hub - I just spent 3 hours at the local outdoor shopping center KIP'ping with ~30 other knitters in a big circle of camp chairs and yarn. A LYS sponsored a raffle of some goodies - several skeins of yummy yarn, books, implements - but I didn't win any :(. It was much fun, though a bit hot in the sun! :)

  • KT

    Do you really think he'll believe that we didn't cook it up between the two of us? :) Sorry you didn't win any swag!

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