Project Wonderful vs. Google Adsense

Thursday, May 15, 2008
I wrote a few months ago about how I was adding in a Project Wonderful ad box to this blog. Someone asked if I could report on how it was going compared to Google Adsense, so I thought I'd do a little summary:

Where Project Wonderful (PW) scores better than Google Adsense (GA):
  • In total amount made. In the month of April I made $6.86 off GA, $10.95 off PW. Since January 1st, I'm at nearly $20 for GA, nearly $30 for PW.
  • In highs and lows. In general, my PW box doesn't make less than 10cents a day. It's averaging around 20 cents right now - and has been as high as 70cents, as low as 10cents in the past 30 days. Compare that to GA, where my average in April was 23cents, with a low of 1cent and a high of $2.20. The PW bids are much more steady, which is why I make more in a month there. I think this is because the PW bids are a flat per day charge, while the GA ads are priced mostly based on clicks - if no one clicks in a given day, I make 1 cent.
  • In ease of getting a payment. PW pays by PayPal once your balance is $10 (or you can use that for placing your own ads, which I have not done); GA pays by check once your balance is $100. It took me 11 months to get to $100, and that was with good months in the winter.
  • In look and feel of the ads. GA ads are text (boring); PW ads are graphical and user-created. I like them better, in general.
  • In control over ads that are placed. Sometimes I have no real understanding of why GA put an ad on my site. I accept or decline ads from PW. This is also a downside (see below)

Where GA scores better than PW:
  • In ease of use. I don't have to do anything; GA does all the work for me. With PW I get regular emails letting me know that a bid has been placed, and requiring me to accept or decline the bid. I'm not sure what's going to happen when I go on vacation - possibly only people who have ads that I've previously accepted will be able to advertise. I could set things so that any bid is accepted - but I don't want to (see below).
  • In general applicability of ads. Yes, I complained about some of the ads GA places on my blog, but in general they're at least craft-related if not specifically knitting. The PW bids I get tend to fall into three categories: crafting and etsy stuff (all of which are accepted), comic 'zines (most of which are rejected), and get-rich-quick-on-the-Internet "infomercials" (all of which are rejected). Only the crafting ones pay decent money. It would be nice if I could figure out how to dissuade the obnoxious ones from bidding...
  • Statistics. GA does a great job of providing for me data on clicks, impressions, CPM, etc. PW breaks it all up by ad placement, making it difficult for me to generate an overall picture of how the box placement is working.


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