More washcloths

Friday, May 16, 2008
I'm working away on washcloths for the Peanut - so far I've done the knitting on a waving frog (scroll down for it) and a sailboat, and am on row 36 of 60 for a train (warning: MSWord file). Every time I do someone else's pattern I get frustrated - things just don't look the way I would make them look. There's an error in the sailboat pattern - two lines are shifted so that the mast has a kink in it - and apparently the train is done top-down (which, honestly, the pattern might say, but I didn't read it). The froggie is awfully cute, though.

The thing I really like about the train is that it is reversible - none of this garter stitch motif against stockinette stuff. While it makes it a lot longer to knit (can't just K all sts on return row), it does look nicer on both sides. The reason I'm doing other people's patterns for these cloths is that I really don't have the time to write out my own patterns. Plus, I find large-scale picture motifs inherently dull, so if someone else has done the hard work, why should I?

Last night was knitting night - I so look forward to this all week. Chance to sit around with a bunch of other women, knitting and talking about the weirdest things. I always have fun. I've been going to this group since February - so only a few months, really - and am happy with how welcoming they've been. I am not normally a shy person, but I don't like interjecting myself in an unknown social group. I think I lucked out with this group, though.

And just to prove it - my new friend Rebecca did me a huge favor and picked up US3 circs for me from Yarns Etc. b/c I couldn't get there before this weekend (when we'll be out of town). I need them for the Happy Wrap - my modular needles have a bumpy join that is aggravating when knitting lace. Thanks, Rebecca!

This weekend we're headed off to Lake Norman to chill with my brother & sisterinlaw. Should be lots of fun - sleeping, watching the water, berry picking (if the weather holds), watching movies, playing games, etc. While there is a yarn store in Mooresville, they hold weird hours so I probably won't go. Plus, I think the DH might leave me if I buy more yarn. Truth be told, I'm not feeling acquisitive right now anyway - I've got so many largeish projects that need to be done asap that I'm not particularly prepared to think about something new!


  • Dorothy

    Sounds like a great weekend! Have fun!

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