It doesn't rain but it pours

Tuesday, May 13, 2008
This is actually quite a literal statement for us, right now. We got nearly 2 inches of rain over the weekend - as well as hail and, in some areas though not at my house, tornadoes. We are officially out of the drought but are now in a period of "abnormal dryness." This has something to do with the level of the water table and with streamflows. I'm sure I would understand it if I took the time to try, but in the meantime all I know is that my lettuce and beans are really happy.

Anyone need some radishes? We have way too many! Maybe I'll get a photo up of the veggie garden in all its glory - we even planted artichokes, though they have yet to sprout, and I discovered that they take a year (!) to come to maturity - as well as the new colors bed in the front. Unfortunately one of our maples appears to have suffered some frost damage - its bark is peeling off about a foot off the ground. It looks like it's been girdled. I'm concerned that the poor thing won't make it through the summer.

In knitting news, it's also been pouring. After finding out last week that my Luxury One Skein submission was accepted, I found out yesterday that another book submission (for a book of summery patterns) was also accepted! That one I now have to actually write the pattern for, and of course knit, by the end of June. I am now officially fully booked for knitting. This sucks, because I have a great idea for the winter/spring Knitscene patchwork theme, but just don't have the time to write up and make the pattern. See? I needed rain - I got a deluge!

I've been working away on the thing with the furthest away deadline - the baby blanket for "the Peanut" - and am about 25% done with it. As soon as I finish this skein I'll put it to the side and work on other things. My friend R graciously agreed to pick up some needles for me to work on the Happy Wrap with, since the joins in my Boye needles are too bumpy and drive me crazy. Hopefully she'll remember to bring them to knitting group on Thursday, so I can get started with that soon. It won't be hard, but it will take a while (18in by 62in would!). I need that done by the end of this month (not gonna happen).

Here's the current WIPs and plans:
  • Peanut's blanket - Berroco Comfort "Wild Cherry" - deep lace border with stockinette center. I'm finally to the stockinette part, so it's going a lot faster. Due July 4th.
  • Gift for baby shower - either booties and a hat or bibs. These will be one-day projects. Booties would be done in Peter Pan DK; bibs in Sugar N Cream. Due May 31st.
  • Happy Wrap - Brooklyn Handspun Soft Spun "Boysenberry Bump" - lace wrap with three patterns. I've swatched and am ready to cast on. Due June 1st (or close to)
  • Book pattern - Yarn coming from editor. Can't tell you what it is, but it's pretty sizeable. Due June 30th (or before).

So, not a large number of projects - but they'll take up about 12 skeins in the next six weeks. Ouch, why am I typing? I should be knitting!


  • ponyknit

    Awesome! Congrats! Can't wait to see them!
    When you say "Luxury One Skein" is that part of the "One Skein Wonder" group of books? Oohhh that sounds awesome!

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