Wednesday, May 07, 2008
I keep meaning to blog much more often, but somehow it never happens. I have some news to report for this week:

1: The Snow in Summer Scarf (or stole? what's the difference?) is now up and available for purchase on Ravelry. It's $4. See previous post or buy now.

2: The submission I sent in for the Luxury One Skein Wonders book has been accepted (I am told)! They are working on photo shoots this month and next, and the book is already available for pre-order in Amazon. I get a copy for being a contributor - but am likely to spend my payment on more copies to send to my mother, grandmother, various friends, etc. Everyone gets a copy for Christmas! (am I kidding? only those of you who get Xmas presents from me will know!)

3: I sold two bags of 10 skeins each of yarn on eBay. This helped tremendously with the stashalong goals. They are perfectly good Rowan yarn, just not a color I like (in the one case) or a fiber I can use (in the other). I made back about what I spent on them in the grab-bag sale at Webs, so that was good.

4: I sent in another book submission, fingers crossed. I should hear about that by the end of the month.

5: Apparently it is harder than one might initially think to take a pattern and flip it over to make a reverse. I am trying to create a summery wrap using Brooklyn Handspun's lovely yarn. The idea was to have a lace pattern that reversed part way through in order to have the lace match at either end. I really dislike having a pattern with directionality in my scarves - I don't like the up one side, down the other effect that it gets. I've figured out how to reverse cables, but lace, not so much. So, instead I've picked out a new pattern that I think I can adapt to my stitch count that will work. It should end up with smilies on one side, diamonds in the back, and a heart motif on the other side. The working title is the Happy Wrap, and I'm making it in honor of my Oma. No photos for now - this will be a pattern for sale - but I plan to have something to show by the end of the month.

You see? Each of these could have been their own blog post. Oi. Sigh. I promise, next week I'll do better...


  • Dorothy


    I know what I'll be asking Santa for for Christmas. I love the 2 other books.

  • Alison

    Congratulations on the 1-skein book acceptance! That is AWESOME! Serious w00ting from the west coast! Good luck with the other submission - hey, the end of the month is coming up :D

    And yay selling yarn! Mom, SIL, and I actually went to Webs last week when we were in Boston - wow! Their sale warehouse was quite fun to wander through...

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