Supporting Ravelry & carbon offsets

Monday, April 28, 2008
The results from Ravelraiser 2008 were posted last week - in 25 days (or less) various fundraisers for Ravelry brought in just shy of $71,000. I'm pleased to be responsible for $60 of that - yes, that means the Skirtsicle sold 20 times. Since the official fundraiser ended it's sold another five copies - so $15 more - and I'm keeping it as a benefit to Ravelry through Wednesday midnight. Wow! Want to help? buy now $4.

One of the things Jess & Casey plan to do with the funds that were raised (other than pay off their debts and invest in servers) is to purchase carbon offsets for their travel and other "carbon expenses." That idea, coupled with one of the comments on my plea for help getting a crunchy wedding present, has inspired me! We've decided to purchase offsets for our (very long) flight to Seattle, plus I'll make a washcloth or two out of some Pachuko organic cotton in my stash, and include some beeswax soap with a note about the offsets.


  • Dorothy

    What a perfect gift! I'm sure it will be much appreciated!

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