Skirtsicle and Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Tuesday, April 08, 2008
This morning I logged into Ravelry and discovered that MagKnits had been taken down permanently without notice to designers. I'm a bit peeved, I admit, though I understand why with all the problems that the editor has been having professionally and personally that she would decide to drop the unprofitable project (MK) and try to make the profit-bearing ones (HipKnits and Yarn Forward) succeed.

However, I would have at least liked to have enough warning that I could have had a pattern in place for redirecting people!

Anyhoo. Rest assured that I will be offering PDFs of Skirtsicle and Reduce, Reuse, Recycle in my Ravelry store. They will be up for free for somewhere between two weeks and a month, and then will be available for $4 each. Stay tuned!


  • hannah

    Bah! That's crazy! I wonder how many patterns I have in my queue from MagKnits?

  • Dorothy

    I'm so glad! The skirt was in my queue.

    I was a bit miffed they didn't warn their readers either! I would have printed out the patterns I wanted!

  • i'm glad i was able to find this in the cache since you didn't end up offering it free and went straight to charging $4.

  • Anne

    HOLY COW - I did not expect that.. and I'd be downright peeved if i had a pattern on there and they did that to me! I had seen that they were changing the whole thing up some, but I think taking it down is a bit much!

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