Not so lazy Saturday

Saturday, April 19, 2008
Today I'm racing around trying to do all the normal Saturday activities (tidying, laundry, naps) as well as some seasonal ones (haircut, gardening) AND I have to prep for a three day workshop, half of which I'm leading. I really should be working on my slides right now instead of blogging - and knitting is right out.

Plus, I have nothing to knit. At the moment the only thing on my needles is a poorly-executed baby hat that started life as the gauge swatch for a blanket! I'll take the Brooklyn Handspun skeins with me to the workshop, but since I'm driving there I don't know how much knitting I'll actually get done. After finishing up a bunch of projects at knitting group on Thursday I'm just at loose ends (ha ha) about what to do next.

Thursday I wove in ends on a small baby blanket, my ISE6 scarf, and a bowl for my sister in law (birthday on Monday; she's coming over for dinner and oops! I haven't wrapped the bowl). Friday I blocked the scarf and felted the bowl. For once I finished three projects and I love them all equally. Maybe this is where my knitter's block is coming from. I feel so satisfied with myself that I don't want to jinx it with beginning something subpar!

My workshop is training librarians about teaching online. The irony is that we're meeting in-room to discuss and practice working online! I'll be away for a few days. If you're one of the multitudes who is purchasing Skirtsicle (thank you! and Ravelry thanks you!), I may not be able to provide immediate support until later in the week.


  • Dorothy

    The bowl is so cute! I love it!

    I wish I was going to your workshop. Not a librarian, but part of my dissertation is supposed to be developing an on-line support/learning system for teachers.

    Sadly, I don't find it all that interesting compared to my kids and knitting!

  • Alison

    Yes, super-cute bowl! I'm sure she'll love it, even if it isn't wrapped.

    We also did tidying, laundry, and haircuts (the Great Cuts stylist argued with me about where to part my hair - what the heck?) yesterday. And it snowed! Bleah, not quite right for mid-April here!

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