Need Suggestions: Wedding Gift for Crunchy Cousins

Friday, April 25, 2008
We're attending J's crunchy cousin N's wedding this summer (in Seattle, on a farm with sheep and llamas!). I took a look at their wedding registry - everything on there is organic, recycled, natural, or related to hiking. I've decided that I'd like to knit something for them - possibly in organic cotton or another yarn that will make the Earth Goddess happy (he's an arborist; she's a naturopath).

I could, of course, do the standard washcloths plus nifty soap thing - and I might. However, I'm hoping that my lovely fellow bloggy knitters might have suggestions. If you were getting married, what would you want to have knit for you? I have about a month's worth of knitting to do this in - so no huge afghans - and would like to stick to "organic" yarns.

There may be prizes for the best suggestions. I haven't decided yet. Please comment!

ETA: I should note that this is the cousin who gave us a pocket-sized copy of the Kama Sutra for our wedding. If I have it still I might make a book cover for it and give it back! Turnabout is fair, right? :)


  • karijo09

    Well I was going to say afghan, but since that's out...

    a. the washcloths with some handmade organic soap from etsy would be nice

    b. pillow covers for couch pillows would also be nice

    c. I did see some patterns for knitting lingerie... :)

  • Dorothy

    Well, if you're returning Karma Sutra, then why not knit some lingerie to go with it? (Somewhere on Ravelry there is a pattern for felted handcuffs...)

    If they like to hike, maybe some sort of bag?

    I'm sure whatever you do, it will be amazing!

  • Carolyn

    This is a great unisex multicultural bag that would be a useful size for hiking. You could fill the pockets with small gifts like a photo album (my favorite gift for a wedding), or candles, or something like that.

  • insanknitty

    KT, i'd say knit a bunch of grocery bags, very 'green' an dknit them of course in organic cotton... ;-) and when you tuck in the grocery gift card, and the book you mentioned make sure you've marked up the book and have pages folded over etc. hehehe

  • Rebecca

    what about some carbon credits to offset your plane ride? (and perhaps the plane rides of others)....and then the washcloth soap thing...

  • Diana

    I have a brother who likes to hike in the Seattle area and something that I know he really likes are cotton socks. They're not too warm and if made a bit thicker, they provide some additional cushioning in his hiking boots. You could make "his & her" socks.

  • Alison

    Not a suggestion for a gift, but along the lines of your ETA, have you seen the XKCD comic?

  • Marlyn

    I'm sorry I'm late. Tried to post from work, and couldn't for some reason.
    Two suggestions:

    1. Cotton knit bath-mat.

    2. Cotton knit placemats.

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