I'm Nearly Number 3!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008
That is, Skirtsicle is nearly #3 most popular for the Sept. 2007 issue of MagKnits, according to Ravelry... I just need two more people to either queue it or cast it on (without first queueing it)! The skirt has already been cast on by 42 Ravelers - that's more than any of the other patterns - and is in the queues (I really love that word) of 129 more. Wow!

Last night M asked for a new skirt for the summer. I have plans for a tank top for her already - maybe I'll have enough left over to do a skirt too? Probably not - and the tank is pretty colorful. Maybe the skirt can be in a slightly more subtle color. She, of course, wants bright blue!

I've finished up one of my mystery projects and am waiting for the all clear from the magazine before sending off the FOs for their journey across the waters. I also hooked up with a yarn dyer (Brooklyn Handspun) to design a wrap/stole using two skeins of her superwash sock yarn. I've got lots of ideas in me noggin for what to do - I'm thinking an asymmetrical lace design, with three or four different patterns that flow from one to another...

My ISE6 scarf is nearly complete. I was on the final border when I ran out of yarn - one knit row and one bindoff row from the end! This was irritating, to say the least. So, yesterday on the bus I ripped out an inch and a half of lace to get back to the repeat and bound it off.

I glory in doing weird knitting things on the bus. It makes all those jaded grad students blink when I cut up plastic bags (a la Reduce Reuse Recycle), knit miles and miles of I-cord (don't ask), and rip out giant wads of knitting. :)

The summer of baby blankets is beginning. Today I cast on 108 stitches using Berocco Comfort (in yellow) for the DH's college roommate's first child (due in May). I thought Cotton-Ease was lovely for blankets - but this stuff is like buttah! It's so soft and springy, and machine washable to boot. Of course, I've done the caston (twice, I never pull out enough for the long-tail) and half of one seed-stitch row, but still I'm in love.

Also, I've decided that I'm unlikely to actually meet my goal of working one pattern from each of my knitting books this year. Instead I'm going to read through all of my reference books, and maybe do some patterns from the pattern ones. At the moment I'm working on the Knitter's Book of Yarn. Sigh, it makes me happy. I suddenly understand so much more about yarn! The best thing about it - speaking as a generally wool-averse Southerner - she acknowledges that plant-based fibers are useful and acceptable. She even has patterns for them! That I'd like to make! Btw, hopefully I liked the KBY to Amazon via the Ravelry redirect. If you use that link to buy the book, you help support Ravelry. :)


  • Dorothy

    The skirt is already in my queue! I'm hoping to cast on in May or June!

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