Feb-March Roundup

Wednesday, April 02, 2008
Yeah, so this two month period was not particularly successful with regards to stashbusting. I knew going in that they wouldn't be, though, and so I didn't worry about it. After all, sometimes Mama needs new yarn.

Here were my project goals for Feb/March (with notes):
1: Circular Shrug (modified) (stash yarn) - this is my KAL project - Frogged
2: secret project #1 (new yarn, plus some stash yarn) - swatched, put on hold
3: 3 Malabrigo projects - a hat, a purse, and possibly a scarf (new yarn) - Alison Tote completed, bowl in planning phase, second purse in planning phase
4: 2 washcloths for my secret dishcloth pal (in the dishcloth exchange) (some stash, some not) - completed: Candy Striper Cloth
5: A stuffed animal for the DD (Knitted Kitty) - completed
6: secret project #2 (new yarn) - swatched, didn't like, put on hold
7: secret project #3 (stash yarn) - completed
8: fingerless mitts (stash yarn) - poss. 2 pr. - became a hat! (completed)
9: 4 preemie hats (some stash, some not) - completed
10: secret project #4 (using new yarn) - completed, but had to get more yarn, since the original version was in yarn different from what the finished version had to be

That's seven of ten completed projects, one frogged, two swatched but on hold, and one not attempted. Not bad, actually! I'm impressed with how much designing slows down the whole process of knitting. Having to stop and consider what I'm doing rather than simply following a pattern is tedious, but also lets me change things as I go along. I love this, and if I honestly thought I could make a living at it (without going crazy) I would. Thing is, I also love teaching and researching in the library - and don't want to let that go either.

I'm not talking about how much I added to the stash this last 8 weeks. It's a bit embarrassing. But I love all my new yarn! I may actually sell some of the new yarn on Ravelry - I got a "grab bag" of yarns, and not all of them are my thing. But they're beautiful and I'm sure will make someone very happy.


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