It's My Birthday and I'll Buy if I Want To!

Thursday, March 20, 2008
... Buy if I want to, buy if I want to!

Yes, I have officially gone off my yarn diet. As in, I just had a box full o' yarn (25 skeins) delivered from Webs, plus bought 5 bags of closeout Rowan today (also from Webs). That's another 50 skeins! Also, for my birthday people actually gave me yarn - E found a beautiful skein of locally-hand-dyed-by-someone-she-had-a-workshop-from cotton boucle, and B found 3 skeins of a bamboo blend in colors we both love. So: I hereby declare myself open to yarn gluttony again! Why not?

In other good yarn karma news, today on the bus I had a woman sit next to me and remark on the hat I was knitting. You know what? I WAS knitting a hat! I was doing the crown on two needles, so there were tips flying every which way - not the easiest item to correctly diagnose. Turns out she is a knitter too, but she gets carsick (bussick?) so doesn't carry hers around with her everywhere. We both agreed that baby and children's' sweaters are wonderful and that we're not driven to knitting sweaters for adults (too long, too big, too hot).

The week hadn't started out great - the rabid racist/misogynist who said, "Enjoy your weaving," as I was fleeing his rant about how Eve Carson probably invited her murderers into her car because "that's what these damn bleeding-heart Carolina kids do" didn't help - but this has improved things mightily. [Note: you do not need to comment on this. I'm already pissed at him and don't need validation]

Tomorrow we have the day off - J has to sing at the middle of the Three Hours, and M and I are going to the sendoff for the women's bball team to the NCAA tourney. Go Tar Heels! The men play their first game tomorrow - unfortunately Duke squeaked out a win in their game tonight, so I'm already down in the brackets (I choose winners based on desire - mine - rather than logic). M is all excited about seeing Rashanda McCants. Great article in the DTH today about her!

All the rest of you with birthdays today - enjoy them! I'm going to knit and play some computer games, then go to bed!


  • Rima

    Happy Birthday! You go girl--buy what you want!

  • Dorothy

    Happy birthday! Enjoy your weekend!

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