Bad Blogger!

Friday, March 14, 2008
No, not the program, I'm a bad blogger. Here I am, advocating for the use of social technologies in scholarly/scientific/education programs, but I let my own (admittedly non-scholarly/scientific/educational) blog languish for over a week. Mea culpa! I did, however, create a new blog that is at least somewhat scholarly: Pharmacy Librarian. It has all of one post so far, and was created in part because of an online CE course I'm taking on Web 2.0 technologies in libraries. I'm hoping to keep that blog up to date with pharmacy librarianship things.

Why haven't I been blogging? No real reason. I just haven't really had much to talk about. In the last week I've knit up three swatches (all for projects I can't talk about) and drafted a pattern that is now in the test knitting stage. It should be available by the end of next week. I also made several baby hats, finished some felting, and started a scarf on commission. So, no real progress on anything - I've been a bit in a funk about my knitting, actually. I have an idea for a birthday present that would be incredibly cool, except a: I'd have to swatch it, b: it is somewhat complicated in execution, thus needing a lot of planning, and c: the birthday is on Monday and so there's no way I'll get it there in time. Answer? It'll probably end up as a Christmas present, and I'll come up with something else. Actually, I know the something else, and hopefully it's just as good or better...

Oh, Nadine, if you comment on this post with how I can contact you, I have a pattern naming opportunity for you!

Last night I was supposed to go to knitting group for the second time ever - missed last week b/c of the DD's birthday - but while I was trying to point out the missing roof shingles to the DH I tripped over the water pipe in the front yard and twisted my ankle. Urgh. So instead I sat in my bluechair with ice and lots of painkillers, trying not to swear in front of the small child, and watched yesterday's ep of ANTM as well as some CSIs. I love that DVR! So now it's all achy and stiff, and I look like an idiot limping around. Sigh.

The good news is, today at noon the Carolina men play in their first game of the ACC tourney - and the even better news is, we're having a pizza party in the library and showing the game in our conference room using the projector! So, I can sit for an hour and knit while eating bad food, and then work on finishing up my ASIST poster reviews. Perhaps I should do the reviews first - the last five minutes of an ACC game are usually the best, and I'll want to pay attention... will have to think about that... :)


  • Dorothy

    I hope your ankle is feeling better! Enjoy your day today!

  • ramblingon

    The other part of advocating the use of these technologies is acknowledging that sometimes life, or a lack of interesting things, gets in the way. And really, a personal blog is different than an institutional blog. ;)

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