Ah... Mondays

Monday, March 17, 2008
I just love Mondays and random knitting comments. When walking in from the bus stop this morning, a woman said "Oh, excuse me miss - miss?" (Note: I'm turning 33 on Thursday. I haven't been called "Miss" in about 17 years - remember, I'm a Southerner. I'm a ma'am, even before I was married. Or, possibly, "Miss K.T."). She caught up to me. "Do you have to count to do that [pointing at my knitting]?" (Second note: I'm working on a hat. It's done in stockinette stitch, in the round. This is the most mindless kind of knitting I know - so, no, there's no counting.). I don't actually remember what I said! Something along the lines of, "Um, sometimes? Depending on the project..." And then I sped up.

This weekend was relatively productive from a knitting perspective. I got the consignment scarf pretty much completed - need to weave in ends - and started on the cotton hat (referenced above). I love March Madness! Knitting helps when the games get close - which they were this weekend (Go Tar Heels!). The only problem is that the scarf has serious gauge issues, as in, you can tell when the Heels were doing well and when they were doing badly. I hope the recipient doesn't notice! Men's bracket was announced yesterday - women's is being announced today - I'm in it to win it!

The super-secret project that I have out for testing was supposed to be this month's for-sale pattern - but then on Friday the magazine that I've been in negotiations with said they'd like to publish it. So, I'm attempting to look at this in a positive light - I'll already have the testing done, and just have to make samples in a different yarn.

Which, of course, meant: YARN SPREE! At this point I've pretty much abandoned the whole stashalong thing... I feel somewhat bad about it, but not much. ;) While I was shopping at Webs for the yarn for the magazine's demos, I also picked up yarn for four baby blankets - and should have gotten yarn for 7, as I found out yesterday that three more close friends are having babies this summer.

ISE6 is starting to get going. I've heard from both partners (shout out to my upstream partner!), and am pondering what to do for my spoilee. I've picked out the yarn (2nd Time Cotton) and am looking at patterns. I need something light, and am thinking about experimenting with entrelac too. I may brainstorm a way to do lace and entrelac at the same time. Suggestions?


  • Ellen

    Hi K.T.,

    We met at ASIS&T in Austin - I was one of the Simmons knitters. I am now living and working in Lower Alabama and one of the hardest things for me to get used to is being called ma'am. The northerner in me thinks they're being passive-agressively nasty. I'm getting used to it.

    I agree about knitting and sports. For me, it's baseball. The 2004 ALCS resulted in the world's longest scarf with some seriously tense stitches - but it all turned out for the best.

    Regarding March Madness - 1) Go Tarheels! 2) Here's a neat take on March Madness that results in pool winnings going to charities that support the Millennium Development Goals - http://www.e4gr.org/marchgladness.html


  • Dorothy

    Check out the Forest Path Stole - it's beautiful!

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