Seven random things (meme)

Friday, February 01, 2008
Thanks so much (sarcasm!) to Ponyknit, who tagged me for the 7 random things meme. Since I know only a few bloggers (and most have already been tagged), I'm afraid I may end up breaking the chain here... so sad.

Here are my random things:

1: A and I were born three days apart in the same hospital. Our grandfathers and our fathers were at the same college at roughly the same time, respectively (they overlapped), and my mom and her dad had colleagues in common. We didn't meet until college, but now I love her like a sister!

2: I lived in Germany in 1985-86. Lots of world events happened that year, but the one I'll remember vividly was when the US bombed Libya. There was an anti-US demonstration in Heidelberg on the Fussgaengerzone, and my family ducked into - of all places - the McDonald's to hide. I vividly remember my dad explaining to my mom that "no one will look for Americans here!"

3: I used to have a hedgehog named Obie, but developed an allergy to his spit when I got pregnant with the DD. This is a problem, because hedgehogs obsessively cover themselves with spit when they encounter a new or interesting smell. We ended up having to give him back to the rescue from which we'd adopted him the year before. I loved that little guy!

4: I tell everyone that I am allergic to onions, wool, and codeine. This is not technically true. Technically, I am sensitive to onions, wool, and codeine. Onions and codeine make me throw up, and I've never (never!) encountered a wool that didn't make me itch. Even 5% merino content will drive me crazy. Note: if codeine makes you vomit, don't tell an anesthesiologist that you're allergic to codeine. A codeine allergy is extreme itchiness. This is not worrisome to your average doc in small, short-term doses. However, they will do pretty much anything to keep you from vomiting while in surgery - and this is a sign of a codeine sensitivity. Trust me, I finally figured this out on my third surgery and fourth encounter with codeine of the last five years.

5: My favorite breed of dog is the Bassett Hound. I always root for the Bassett in dog shows. I also call my friend S (who now lives in a different state), and we watch the dog show "together" over the phone. It drives my husband nuts.

6: S and I know all of the words to the Princess Bride, and as teenagers used to amuse (possibly horrify) my 'rents by putting the movie on, turning the sound down, and acting out the whole movie, alternating parts. We can still do this 15 years later (now mainly over the phone).

7: I love daffodils. They are a harbinger of spring, they have a very light scent that's not like anything else, and voles and bunnies don't eat them. I plant them en masse wherever the dirt is soft enough! Paperwhites, though, smell like dead millipedes to me (we had a problem in our house growing up with millipedes after rain), so I avoid them at all costs. I can't wait for the daffys to bloom here!

So, to tag. I'm going to tag Alison and Hannah. That's all, folks.


  • Alison

    Eek, I've been tagged! OK, will get right on that. It may make up for not finishing my vest if the superbowl interferes with the seaming (we're going to friends and while I might bring knitting, I wouldn't bring seaming. Besides, I'll need full attention on the Pats!)

  • There are a couple of movies I can literally quote verbatim. It never occurred to me to turn off the volume though. How cool! I have a number of shows/movies that I watch over the phone with friends - it's a great way to keep up!

    Your Dishcloth Swap Pal

  • I went shopping for you today! You package is almost complete!!!!

    Your Dishcloth Swap Pal

  • Dorothy

    I love The Princess Bride!

    RUSs, As you Wish, You killed my father, prepare to die, Andre the Giant....I love it!

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