Ooops (or, KT falls off the wagon)

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Yeah. I was really bad this month.

Not only did I not get my KAL shrug done, I frogged it all the way back. Turns out the pattern I was using would use three skeins of Simply Soft - but four of Simply Soft Shadows. Anyone want to guess how many skeins I have? AND I bought it years ago, so there's no hope of matching. I'm not even sure that colorway is still available! So the yarn is pretty much back in its original state (but wound). The current plan is to create a short-sleeved shrug on my own. We'll see!

I also went on several binges this month. Serious, buy a bunch of yarn and sneak it into the house binges. Let's see. There was the six skeins from KnitPicks, 17 from Elann, 6 from Webs, 3 from one LYS, 6 from another, 5 from a third, and 2 cottons that I got today... that's, what, 45? In addition, I've been doing a lot of swatching for various projects, plus the shawl froggage, so I've only knit up 4.5 skeins (roughly). And that's counting two projects that need a smidge of finishing (felting, and face-ing)... According to Ravelry I am now up to approximately 129 skeins in stash. This is a net increase of about 38 skeins. Sigh. Such is the life of a knitter. At least it's better yarn than what I had last year!


  • Holly

    I posted my wonderful package on my blog. Thank you so, much. I love your patterns. Oh, and we just say when we go on Thursday nights knitting, it is OK to buy all the yarn while we are young, because we are getting ready for retirement when we don't have that money coming in. So, It's OK, really!

  • oh... I have had those days... sneak the yarn bag inside... hide it quick sort of days ;-) It's ok... :-) we've all been right there with you!

  • KT

    Hey - I just realized I gave three skeins away (that were purchased this month for that purpose) to my dishcloth pal - so I managed to "use" _more_ than 10% of purchases after all. I think this is good news... ?

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