January knitting roundup & February goals

Friday, February 01, 2008
I know you all hold your breath in anticipation of reading my monthly knitting progress... or not. Whatever, this is one of the reasons I keep the blog, and I need it to refer back to!

January was an up and down month. For some reason the sleeves of the DD's sweater absolutely killed my hands - so I had to take some days off to let them recuperate. I finished the sweater (well, close enough - it needs some ends sewn in), as well as a few other projects. Here's the tally:

Skeins used: 10.25 (yay!)
1 Patons SWS - Wavy Days Clutch
1 Lana Grossa Cotofilo - Conehead hat and Presto! hat (pattern coming soon)
1 fur and 1/2 Red Heart Soft - scarf
1/2 Wool-ease - hat
2 Cotton-ease - Hans' Half-blanket (pattern coming soon)
4.25 Berocco Lullaby - DD's sweater
negligible - 2 Pratchgan squares

Skeins given away: 11 (super yay!) to coworkers

Skeins purchased: 1
Red Heart Soft (for the Pratchgan square and scarf; 1/2 is left for a stuffed animal)

So that brings me to a total stash of 91.3 skeins! Yay!

My goal for Nov-Jan was to get to 106.5 skeins - and so it was clearly giving away yarn to my coworkers (it's amazing, let me say, how quickly librarians snap up free stuff) that put me well over the top.

This is a good thing, because I am not counting in the above the 28 skeins that I ordered online - 3 Malabrigo, 2 Lamb's Pride Worsted, 4 Pakucho Organic Cotton, 6 CotLin, and 13 of two other kinds (cotton blends) from Elann that I can't recall the brands of. If you counted that in I'd be at 119.3 skeins, and that's over my self-imposed goal so I'm pretending I don't have them yet (even though they're sitting in the kitchen).

I bought the yarn as a congratulations for having gone through an entire year of stashbusting. I would estimate (though I never counted in January '07) that I had 170 skeins of yarn in my stash one year ago. I nearly halved that number in one year - and am even happier that the quality and usability of the yarn that I now own has dramatically improved. So the purchase of yarn no longer bothers me - in fact, I plan to go shopping tomorrow - and instead I'm shifting away from "get rid of stash" to "use the stash I have". A fine distinction, but one that I'm pleased to be able to see.

So this month (Feb) I'm moving away from the "checkbook" system and more towards an accountability one. I will complete these projects by the end of March:

1: Circular Shrug (modified) (stash yarn) - this is my KAL project for Stashalong
2: secret project #1 (using some of the new yarn, plus some stash yarn)
3: 3 fun Malabrigo projects - a hat, a purse, and possibly a scarf (possibly another purse)
4: 2 washcloths for my secret dishcloth pal (in the dishcloth exchange) (some stash, some not)
5: A stuffed animal for the DD (suggestions welcome; will be made from funfurrystuff and Red Heart Soft)
6: secret project #2 (using some yarn to be purchased tomorrow)
7: secret project #3 (using stash yarn)
8: fingerless mitts (using stash yarn) - poss. 2 pr.
9: 4 preemie hats (some stash, some not)
10: secret project #4 (using yarn listed above)


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