Fun with Statistics (and a knitting update)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008
I'm at a point in all of my projects where I'm bored with each but need to keep working. Examples: the dishcloth for my swap partner is finished except for sewing in the ends, the kitty for M is all done but for attaching the head (I've even sewn in most of the ends, and sewn on the tail. but the body and head are in different rooms, yet to be united), and the shrug is about 2 inches into the main body and moving along somewhat slowly. Granted, that latter has a 24-row repeat, so it takes a while to feel like I'm making progress. I'm just over 1/2way done with the first repeat and am starting to wonder if I should've just made the darn thing as written!

So, to amuse myself while not knitting, I thought I'd go check up on the Google Analytics stats for this blog. Here are some interesting points from the last month:
  1. 1100-1200: Average visits a day. This comes to 42,858 visits for the month from 34,163 unique visitors (that's a lot of knitters!).
  2. 1.8-2.0: Average number of pages read per visit for a total of 80,495 pageviews. Note: both the number of visitors and pages/visit stats are remarkably stable over time.
  3. 66-70% of these visits are from first time visitors (welcome!)
  4. I have repeat visitors from Liechenstein, Greenland, Macao, and Peru. (Hi!)
  5. 67% come from a link on Knitting Pattern Central; 13% come from Daily Knitter; 7% come from Google searches (of which one of the most popular is "knit with kt")
  6. The most popular page this month has been Duveteux (7,398 hits), followed by the free patterns index (6,820), the Checkerboard Baby Blanket (4,731), Logan's Half Blanket (3,504) and the Felted Flap Bag (3,317).
  7. Duveteux also wins for most landings (entrances to the blog) at 5,554 and the most exits at 4,938.
  8. At 7mins 15secs on average, people stay longest at the Felted Flap Bag

Anything else you want to know? I'm inordinately fond of Analytics!


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