Dishcloth Topic #4

Monday, February 11, 2008
I sat out last week's dishcloth exchange topic - partly because I had a tummy bug and didn't feel like blogging and partly because I've been there, done that with the flash stashing. You can get your yarn pr0n elsewhere, thank you, and I don't really want to own up to the sad state that my needles are in. I need a good way to organize my vast collection of circulars. And yes, this is an ongoing problem and, I believe, one of my new year's goals.

Here's this week's question:
"Defeat the Winter Doldrums" for some of us we get the doldrums and others don't. For the ones who get doldrums what helps you get rid of them? For the ones who don't get the doldrums, what helps you keep them away?
Yes, I get the doldrums pretty badly. I'm always sick, tired, and grumpy from mid-January to mid-March. Living in Boston was a Very Bad Thing in the winter - so I came home to the south after college (wow, that was over 10 years ago). I still get down in the winter, but not nearly so badly as before.

Plus, in the south in the winter you'll have 70+F days like last week, and that makes up for it. The sun shines, you can do some gardening, plant seeds, etc. I like that the pansies overwinter here (my MIL was shocked!). So I guess I hope for good weather, and then go outside to look at the plants that are around. Right near the DD's preschool there is a clump of daffodils that bloom weeks before any others - they're blooming now - and I like to see them. They give me hope that the winter will end.

On days like today (cold but sunny) I like to sit inside with a good book (or good knitting) and look out at how sunny and bright everything is. I daydream about my gardening projects. On icky, gray days (luckily, not too many of those), I make it through the day, then snuggle with the DH and watch movies. I believe next in the queue is Volver. After that we have the 2nd and 3rd Pirates of the Caribbean movies...

Right now I'm combating winter blahs by planning out knitting projects for the spring. I have the DD's knitted kitty nearly done, as well as am working on several other gifts etc. I've even completed one of the cloths for my dishcloth pal!


  • Dorothy

    Boston is rough in the winter. I hail from Buffalo originally, but I struggle more in Boston - the city is far too hectic in the cold. The suburbs worked well for me in the winter!

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