Argh. Frogging.

Thursday, February 14, 2008
I realized last night that math is sometimes not my friend. I was 33% of the way through my Circular Shrug when I looked down and realized that, according to the striping pattern of my yarn, I had used 50% of my available supply. Also that it would be nigh impossible to line up the striping on the top half ribbing with the bottom half, when it came time to do the seams. Doh! After much wringing of hands (and frantic searching of Ravelry to see how much yardage other people used), I decided the only logical outcome was to acknowledge that this shrug in this yarn was just not going to happen.

So I frogged the whole thing. It was about 225 yards. I HATE doing that.

But, some good outcomes. I love the trellising pattern that I used for the body - it would make a fabulous baby blanket. I've decided to strike out on my own and make up a short-sleeve shrug from scratch. I spent time at getting inspired for things other than knitting.

Also, I've run into my first copyright problem. This one, luckily, was an innocent mistake on the other person's end, and has been fixed, but it's prompted me to add a copyright notice to the bottom of the blog. Fun times.

Stay tuned for more in the shrug saga!


  • Rima

    Argh. Frogging. I frogged half of a baby hat this morning.

  • Hi from your dishcloth swap pal! I found something to add to your box last minute. Hopefully, all will go as planned!

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