Writer's block!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008
After complaining about how I've had writer's block (and thus haven't been blogging), I just managed to write for 15 minutes about my current wips, fos, and upcoming projects... and then Blogger ate it. Blah. So here's the short version (ok, not so short. here's another version):

3 WIPs:
1: Seamless sweater for DD. I discovered that the sleeves on this were what was making my hands hurt - so it's taking a bit longer than anticipated. Luckily I only have 13 rounds left on the second sleeve before joining it into the main body for the yoke. After that, there's the ruffly turtleneck (though DD wants a hood - we're "negotiating"), then picking up stitches for the ruffles at the cuffs and hem. I'm debating two ruffles vs. one... This will use up at least 5 skeins, maybe even the whole 6 that I have of the Lullaby.

2: Half blanket for cousins' new kid. It's 19"x25" (about 47x62cm) in a basketweave, very easy, in Cotton-ease. This will use up about 2 skeins worth of Cotton-ease - and those are some big skeins! I'm at about 20" completed, so should finish by Friday. Oh, except that the MIL is coming on Friday and the house is a total wreck. Because, you see, I knit instead of doing housework - particularly when one of the three of us is sick. Plus, I believe at least two out of the three of us may be out of clean, work-appropriate undergarments (though really, who would know?), so must do laundry tonight.

3: Hat for R&M's son, who just turned 1. I'm hoping it's not too big. Leftover Wool-ease, in a simple stockinette pattern. I'm thinking of adding a wacky topper just to make it more amusing. Or maybe ears. Or maybe an embroidered snowflake. Dunno, will cross that bridge when I get to it. Oh, maybe I can make snowflakes on I-cords, so they flop around his head as if it were snowing! Mm. Maybe that would drive him nuts...

And then there are the (paltry) 3 FOs: a furry scarf, a preemie hat for the 20 Hats Project, and the two Pratchgan squares. If I get the blanket and hat done this month I'll have stashbusted by five skeins - if I also get the sweater done (a stretch) it'll be more like 10!

Upcoming projects: Work on winning idea of contest (ends Friday!), 2nd preemie hat of the month, swatch and prelims for various submissions (due end of Feb). Circular shawl (for March birthday). Stuffed animal - Knitted Kitty? (also March birthday). Dishcloths for DTWD exchange (ship by Feb 25). Fingerless gloves - poss 2 pair? (also March birthdays, one of which I admit is mine). All use at least some stuff from the stash - yay! As you can see, March is nearly as big a gift-giving time as December, in my circle. All those June weddings... ;)


  • Housework? What's housework? I don't think I do that anymore...I can't believe all the projects that you finish!

    In lieu of housework, I knit up a dishcloth yesterday! I'm contemplating soaps - perhaps you'll write about soaps on one of those days you're suffering from writer's block!

    Your Dishcloth Swap Pal!

  • Just a suggestion for the one year old's hat. I knit a simnple ribbed hat for my three year old grandson. Instead of the usual pom-pom, I firmly sewed on an airplane button that I found at Joann's Fabrics. The yarn was variegated primary colors and the airplane was bright yellow. He loved that hat and wore it for the next two years. He told me about a little classmate who said in great astonishment, "Hey, you have an airplane on your hat!" I asked him what his response was. It was simply: "I know." You had to be there. His preschool teacher never had to ask whose hat it was. Everyone knew because he was the only little boy with an airplane on his hat.

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