Still no knitting...

Saturday, January 12, 2008
But I did have a pretty good day anyway. Even though I've caught the Preschool Crud, I got to sing in the grand ceremony today - so much fun! Yay! And got to hang out with a bunch of friends who don't get together all that often (largely because S, who is the "glue," is in grad school in a different state. She was back for the shindig today.). Fun was had by all.

My hands still hurt, which is starting to concern me. Since I have some actual deadlines (namely, the Pratchgan squares, which need to be finished by the end of the week), I may just have to struggle through the pain for a few small projects.

I love the way sacramental incense makes my hair smell. So many choristers complain about it - the smoke makes their throats hurt, etc etc - but somehow it doesn't bother me. The smell and the haze do their job with me, I guess, of adding a level of mystery to the whole proceedings at hand. Mmm. Not that I have ANY inclination to burn the stuff at home! And, shock of shocks, we managed to get through a major service without a fire-related incident. So proud. ;)


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