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Tuesday, January 29, 2008
My dishcloth pal (Hi!) requested a monologue on soap and its many uses... here goes.

In our house we mainly use soaps for handwashing - at the kitchen sink and in the bathrooms. As such, we like smaller soaps that are good for small hands to use - and I particularly like things with shapes (because they amuse preschoolers) or with other texture. All of us have dry skin - and some have eczema - so something with a high milk or other moisture-happy content is always welcome. Since I'm a gardener, the soaps in the kitchen and downstairs bath in particular get heavy use from washing off garden grit etc.

I'm not one for heavy floral scents in my soaps, though I do like milk, oatmeal, etc. additives. I like vanilla and lavender, too, as well as some of the citrusy and cucumber scents. We're blue people - the kitchen and baths are all blue or green/blue - so that's a good guide for the color (though that's about the least important thing, really). In the bathroom the soap dish is shaped like a fish!

For bathing, J uses Dial (and no one will ever manage to break him of that habit, so don't even try). I use shower gel, and the DD uses bubble bath. When she showers she'll sometimes use "Daddy soap" (orange, thus appealing) or a lavender soap that we've had for years. It was molded in the shape of a hedgehog and is gradually becoming worn down - it's the weirdest shape right now.

Dishes are washed with liquid soap. We've put it into the liquid hand soap dispenser that is integrated with our kitchen sink - after all, if you're that desperate for something to wash your hands with, it doesn't really matter if it's dish detergent, does it? I believe we subscribe to the "what's on sale" method of detergent aquisition.


  • wildflower38

    I'm a blue lady too. On Sunday, I painted my bedroom a light light blue
    and bought a new blue comforter, sheets and a blanket. My friend is making me blue curtains.

    Lavender is a very soothing scent.

  • Why, thank you so much for your soap monologue! It has been read VERY carefully and will be closely considered when selecting the soap for your package.

    Your Dishcloth Swap Pal

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