New Project Wonderful ad

Tuesday, January 29, 2008
I've decided to branch out in my advertising on the blog - and have added a Project Wonderful ad space between the free pattern index link and the Blog Archive. If you are already a PW advertiser (or would like to be), please consider advertising here! According to Google Adsense, I'm getting around 2K page impressions a day, with about 3-8 clicks on their ads (which, if I may say, are neither all that exciting/targeted nor in great locations on the page).

Advertising on this page basically goes to support yarn and time in making/writing up my free patterns - so it really does matter to me that you come to the site to get the patterns! And wander around! ;)


  • Gnat

    I just started using Project Wonderful too. I need to increase my yarn budget. :) I'm also thinking of doing payperpost as well. I haven't used Google Ad sense but how have you liked it?? IS it making you any money?? Just curious. :)


  • ponyknit

    That's neat!
    You'll have to keep us posted as to how it works!

    You've been tagged ;) Check back to today's post on my blog

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