The great stash dilemma

Thursday, January 03, 2008
What is more critical - to use my books or to use my stash? I spent a bit of time this weekend going through my books to see what I might like to make for myself or others (a lot were sweaters and such for me!). With the exception of some sock yarn, and a bit of cotton here and there, I don't really have enough yarn for most of the patterns. What to do?

Do I knit from my stash - meaning I put the book patterns to the side for a while - or do I knit from the patterns - meaning I purchase new yarns for the stash?

It's a dilemma!

But obviously not a bad one to have... and one I can put off for a while. Last night I finished the knitting for a Wavy Days Clutch (and had one of three things happen: gauge too loose, less yarn than on the first one, and/or instructions wrong. I hope it's one of the first two!), and have cast on for the latest 1/2 blanket. I've also picked up the latest DD sweater again (it's 1 skein down, 5 to go). And then there's a scarf that I agreed to make on commission... so there are at least four projects to fully complete before I can even think about moving on to new projects. I've been very good this year with avoiding the WIP/UFO trap, and want to at least stick to that resolution. I'm hoping to make more for myself, too. With the exception of two bags, everything I've knit in the last two years was for other people (gifts, charity, or for sale).

Another project that I really want to get started on are my squares for the Pratchgan (for Terry Pratchett, of the Discworld series). This is a project thru Ravelry - I'm doing one plain white 6" square as well as one of my own design. I'm thinking something water themed - I have some blue wool-ease in the stash and will pick out an interesting wavy pattern. Mm. I have no white yarn. Shopping trip! ;)


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