Friday morning!

Friday, January 25, 2008
This is shaping up to be a good day for me:

1: The contest ends at noon my time - that's approximately 2.5 hours from now. In reality, I'll be off at lunch with my GA's, so you have until 1pm. I'll do the random number-thingy for the prizes this afternoon and will post before going home. The winner of the pattern choice will be contacted privately.

2: My mother-in-law is coming! Our house is a general wreck - between the various illnesses and my general lack of desire to clean - but at least the laundry is done, bathrooms are clean, and there are fresh sheets on her bed. I didn't managed to sweep or vacuum (or dust), but I've done a general pickup and am not as freaked about her seeing the way we normally live as I was yesterday.

3: I only have three more rows in the sweater sleeve! I should finish it on the bus on the way home!

4: As mentioned above, this is the last Friday of the month, so I get to go out to lunch with my grad assistants. We always have fun, and it's a nice way to connect with them outside the library. Plus, Cosmic Cantina burritos make me happy.

5: It's Friday! Tomorrow is Saturday! This weekend we're going to the UNC-Maryland women's bball game - should be a great game - and then to a parents' party. The first we being the DD, "Aunt B", a Spanish librarian here on sabbatical, and me, while the DH stays home with his mom. We of the second part being the DH and me, leaving the DD home with her gramma. Kid free party! With wine! Go Tar Heels!

6: Today is project and professional development day - meaning I get to work on my annual report and ASIS&T SIG stuff. That's actually pretty relaxing - no desk hours, classes, or consults. Basically the only time I have to be "on" is at lunch (which is not really "on") and in a meeting with B about a project he's dragging his heels on. I probably should also do little chores like update the Projects Board and tidy my office. That may or may not happen. ;)


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