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Wednesday, January 30, 2008
Hi all of you coming in to see the Duveteux wrap (today's pattern of the day on Daily Knitter). It's so exciting to me to see people come in who don't usually find me - especially when the pattern is one with such meaning (and softness!) as this one.

I've been tagged by Ponyknit with the 7 random things meme. Will have to think about my response to that and post later. Right now I'm playing nurse to the DD - she's thrown up six times since 5am already, and isn't showing signs of slowing down (ask me again in about a half an hour - our next scheduled puke). Poor thing can't even keep apple juice and water down.

So, of course, we're hanging out in the living room. She's gotten addicted to Noggin. (Alison, we finally got Noggin! After having seen it with y'all, what, five years ago in San Fran?). We've spent much of the day watching preschooler's television while I knit and/or nap (not at the same time). I'm finishing up the I-cord for a hat and weaving in ends of various other projects. I'm also hoping to finish the neck ruffle and underarm grafting for the sweater so that the DD can try it on (germs and all) to measure arm and body length for their respective ruffles.

Yesterday I gave away 11 skeins of yarn! It's amazing how quickly free stuff disappears at the library - and yarn was no exception. This was four skeins of Bernat Soft Boucle, 2 of fur, 1 black acrylic, 2 of Patons Be Mine, and 2 of Lion Suede. I feel like it was good karma all 'round. Plus, that brings me to 95 skeins in the stash for the end of January (not counting the sweater, which I may well finish before tomorrow at this rate).


  • Dorothy

    Congratulations on your pattern being featured at the Daily Knitter.

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