Design Contest Results!

Friday, January 25, 2008
I just love having these ideas contests... y'all out there in blogland are so full of great ideas and thoughts. It's so much more fun than being lonely in my own head.

Before I announce the winner of the random number drawing, I want to summarize the suggestions for the next design, in a rough order of popularity:

Hat (slouchy) (newsboy/beret) (warm, not itchy) (summer cotton bucket) 5
Fingerless mitts (in sock yarn) (Celtic) (or convertible) 5
Socks (lace)(multiple sizes) 3
Something using sock yarn that isn’t socks 2
Something using leftover sock yarn 2
Bed jacket/cape (with matching hat?) 2
Non-felted medium purse (or felted) 2
Felted bag (Malabrigo)(functional) 2
Felted hat or bowl
Baby patterns out of washable blends (sack, sweater)
Baby booties
Shawl in worsted, not too lacy
Lace stole/scarf
Manly scarf, affordable, with stripes
Small projects!

I am amused with trying to come up with a matching hat and fingerless mitts set that uses leftover bits of sock yarn... :) I haven't yet decided which idea will be the one I run with, though there are some contenders. Among them being a hat, a set of fingerless gloves, a felted purse (or non-felted) bowl or hat, washable baby items, a shawl or stole, a man scarf, lacy socks...

Drumroll please for the announcement of the pattern winner.... (Andy? drumroll?)

Hannah! Of 8 Ball Knits! Hannah is a fellow dishcloth addict, and takes fabulous photographs. Go check out her blog for great shots of knitting, her adorable Little Bit, and various random things (yes, Hannah, I have you in my Bloglines). She's having a cold and rainy day - so go say hi to cheer her up. Hannah will get two patterns of her choice from my Etsy store. Yay for Hannah!


  • Turtle

    Congrats to you Hannah! I will keep an eye out for your new designs!

  • hannah

    Woo hoo! that DOES make my day so much better :D And I'm in your bloglines... SWEET. :D I'll go do my happy dance now :)

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