Contest: What's my next design?

Friday, January 04, 2008
If you originally popped in for a free pattern - or if you regularly read the blog, and I know there are at least 28 of you who do (love that Bloglines!) - you know that I have a love/hate relationship with patterns. That is, I hate using someone else's pattern, and I love writing my own. Right now I'm working on two baby blankets, a scarf, and a yoked child's sweater, all from out of my own noggin. I'm also planning a child's tank top, child's hat, and shawl. Part of the reason I put my patterns here, of course, is so that I can get back to them when/if I want to do them again (particularly the washcloths. Thank goodness I put up the Dimpled Washcloth - it's one of my favorites!). But I also enjoy putting them up because I know that it can be hard to find good free patterns - I've looked! - and I like sharing them. I also like writing patterns for sale, as they help recoup a small amount of the time and effort it takes to do the projects.

But I really don't know what people are looking for. So here's the deal: I'm holding a contest for my next design project. Let me know what kind of pattern you would purchase for $3, and I'll enter you in the drawing for two of the patterns I have in my Etsy store for free (there are currently 5 - three felted bags, a scarf, and a washcloth). Your choice which two.

I'm holding the contest open until January 25th at noon, ET. Standard contest rules apply - leave a comment, get an entry. Post to your blog (and let me know you've done so), get an entry. Someone says you sent them, you get an entry.

As an added incentive - if I choose your suggestion for my next design, I'll let you name it AND send you a free copy of the finished pattern!

Pretty much anything is fair game here - though I don't like making adult sweaters (they take too long!) - so think about socks, mitts/gloves, children's wear, hats, scarves/shawls, shrugs, bags, washcloths, etc. Tell me the material you want to use, colors, patterns, etc. What are you dying to knit but haven't found a pattern for (and would be willing to pay for)?


  • km

    I have you on bloglines...but not sure if you know that I read your thoughts. I'd like a hat. Or something to knit with sock yarn that isn't socks. Not that I don't love socks. But my MIL gifted me a yarn that I'm not sure I'd love on my feet. As for the hat...I have one I'm working on...hop on over to my blog if you have any thoughts to share. thoughts

  • kaykatrn

    I read you from Atom, every day, so--29. Probably way more than that. I would like a cap/scarf/shawl for the mother of a friend who is always cold at night. She lives in a nursing home. Her shoulders, neck and head are never warm. She is allergic to wool and says acrylic fibers are scratchy. So, cotton, or bamboo, that is soft, and machine washable, probably brown or dark blue. Oh, and it should stay put through the night! I really hope you pick this one--she deserves something to make her comfortable.

  • K. Anne

    i really enjoy fingerless mitts and slouchy hats for myself. I would like to find more pretty patterns for these. Weight and fiber does not matter to me. I would also love to find more easy baby patterns. Sleep sacks, sweaters, etc. Preferably out of worsted acrylic blends. So many call for hard to find or expensive materials that are not easily washable! I will link you on my site!

  • km

    I couldn't email you back, so I'll leave another comment. The set-up of the hat (single color) shouldn't be that hard. I think I'll try to start that soon. And yes, Jared does have a website. You'll have to check out His photos are amazing. I might just email him...but I think I'll give it a real go myself first. Thanks for the link to the magknits hat. The Koolhaas did something similar with hiding the decreases. I hope it works out.

  • I would love a pattern for fingerless mitts that really looks good in handpainted/variegated sock yarn. They're few and far between, and I'm not advanced enough to take on the task of trying to convert sock patterns into fingerless mitts. I do like using lighter-weight yarn (sock yarn especially) because then I can also use fingerless mitts as a liner under my regular gloves when it gets really cold here in Boston.

    (I'm at, and I'm shinychaos on Ravelry)

  • Maureen

    I would love to see a pattern where I could use up some scraps of sock yarn... Maybe a fair ile design which could be done with scraps or a self striping yarn and a solid. Just a thought!
    Have a wonderful New Year!

  • JoanK

    I'd love a pattern for a hat which is a combination of newsboy and beret - i.e., not too high on top, but sort of loose and it could be pulled left or right - hope you understand what I'm trying to explain!

    Possibly made from a DK or sport weight - i.e., a little heavier than fingering/sock yarn but still drapeable. Not variegated but maybe tone-on-tone in colour.

    Thanks from Winnipeg, Canada

    (P.S., Cass sent me here!)

  • Turtle

    Hi there! I would also agree with a few of the ladies. I have been looking for more fun fingerless gloves. I love the hand dyed yarns best but anything soft or celtic looking catches my attention as well. I also would love to find projects that either use sock yarn or small projects that use assortments of leftover sock yarns. (a challenge for you!) *smile*

  • Lil Knitter

    I agree fingerless gloves are always a good choice. Right now, I seem to have the urge to do scarves and shawls. What I would really love to see though is a purse pattern...not felted...I really want a cute medium sized knit purse. I would definitely be willing to pay for it.

  • Lil Knitter

    I just saw the hugs and kisses clutch and maybe another felted purse wouldn't be so bad...just something a little bigger than a clutch. It's so cute but not big enough for me. The tote bag is a little too I picky or what? lol

  • hannah

    hi, I read you via atom as well :) I'd like to see a shrug design... I'm looking for something that I can take to bed with me as I'm still nursing at night and my upper half gets SO COLD while I'm feeding the Little Bit. I'd like something that is fairly easy to slip into (while sleepy and trying to comfort a hungry baby) but that covers my shoulders and both my arms completely. I was thinking about designing something for this myself but since you asked :)

  • I have you in my bloglines. I vote for a shawl, something simple but warm not too much lace, but enough to be fun. And in a sport to Worsted weight.

  • Nadine

    for $3.00 I would want an intermediate pattern. I would say for $3.00 I would want something that I couldn't come up with off the top of my head. Not a basic hat and scarf set but not as difficult as a sweater. The patterns you have on Etsy are good examples of what I mean. Something that obviously required time and energy to think up and write down (that is the part I never get to).
    Now as to what I would buy, I have recently fallen in love with felting so cute felted patterns are nice. Maybe not a purse. That seems to be all I can find for free (not that I mind, I love purses). Like a bowl or an interesting hat.

  • Sharon Rose

    I'd like a really different scarf... something tht looks good on both sides, something a man would wear. Or a really cute purse. :)

  • Alison

    I'm with the others who want non-socks for fingering weight yarn. Maybe nice gloves with fingered or fingerless options (that way you get 2 patterns for the price of one!). Or even fingerless/regular/mittens (I might pay >$3 for that, especially if it came in different sizes)

    Or, you know, a one-skein Malabrigo worsted felted bag :P (no pressure! :D)

  • txknitter

    I like socks and lace and lace socks. I prefer stoles to triangular shawls. A pattern that can make a stole or a scarf is awesome. I also like patterns that have a story or theme.

    I also like cables.

    I appreciate the challenge in creating lace patterns and firmly believe those pattern are worth paying for.

  • For $3 I would like to buy an intermediate pattern. I love to knit for babies, so I would look for soem original baby booties.

    I love the fact that you are just fresh and original on your patterns!

    good luck to you and to me!


  • Heddy

    Hi I would pay $3.00 for an interesting sock pattern, or for a pattern that makes a purse that requires a bit of effort

  • cauyeung

    As a college student, I definitely love patterns that use affordable yarns, because I don't have the money to buy expensive ones, nor do I have the time to swatch a cheaper substitution yarn.

    So I would love something that uses elann or knit picks, or even berroco which is quite reasonably priced. And probably the most needed pattern that comes to mind as of now is a manly scarf. I know there are manly scarf patterns out there, but there aren't very many good ones. I also love stripes, so if you incorporated that, it would be a major +!

    I'm fish0matic on ravelry, and my e-mail is if you need it :).

  • Kathy

    I love hats. I would love a hat pattern using a yarn that my family won't say itches them. They feel the slightest wool and they toss that handknit beauty aside in a flash. I find many hat patterns are too short. It's cold here in the Windy City and it is the wind that does us in. So we need something that covers the ears, all the way down to the lobes! I'd pay a good 6 dollars or more for such a hat pattern.

  • I'm always on the look out for bags, (felted, medium size) and mittens and hats/caps. Any natural fiber is great. Socks too, I like small projects. I've put your contest on my blog, I'm also lizardknits on Ravelry.

  • Amanda

    As I have a dishcloth obsession, I have a metric tonne of Peaches and Creme and Sugar and Cream. Every time I find a nice bucket style summer hat in this cotton, it's crocheted.

    I'd love a nice summer hat knitted pattern.

  • Karen

    hi! Just visited Lizardknits, and she sent me over. I would love a sock pattern that has sizes - I have size 11 feet and telling me to go up a needle size just doesn't cut it. I am also a big fan of felted bags that are truly functional - stand up when they are supposed to, have useful pockets, handles that are the right thickness, closures that make sense (if needed). I am wild for color and seldom use plain solid yarns - even when called for, I will usually find something tweedy or mildly variegated instead.

    If I get to my blog in the next day or two I will be sure and mention your contest, but since I don't think anyone reads it you probably won't hear from anyone.

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