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Friday, January 11, 2008
From the poll that just closed it is obvious that most of you who come to my blog are looking for free patterns - and only free patterns. I get the message and will continue to post some free things every month. The most popular purchased pattern was felted bags, also not a surprise.

Just a check on the ongoing contest - it appears that there are a bunch of you who are looking for things to do with sock yarn that don't involve socks! We've also had several votes for purses (felted and not), a "man scarf", a bed jacket/cape/shrug, etc. Cool ideas, and now I can't sleep at night because I keep thinking up interesting ways to approach your suggestions.

The contest runs through January 25th (two weeks from today) at noon, so you have plenty of time to keep thinking up challenges for me! Contest post is here. Remember to put it on your blog for an additional entry, plus each person who admits you sent them gets you another entry. The winner will receive two of my Etsy patterns for free (winner's choice). The person with the design idea that I choose will get naming rights and a copy of the pattern!


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