Updates: Swaps, FOs, Xmas Knitting

Tuesday, December 18, 2007
I got my package from Michelle in Taiwan late last week - a lovely lacy scarf, three skeins of the most beautiful blue laceweight silk, and a Chinese patterned eyeglasses case.

Don't mind the photo - this was taken after church (I wore the scarf - it got cold!), and I'm "reclining" on the stairs in the only good light in the house... It was way too cold and windy to attempt outside shots!

Thank you so much Michelle!

In SP11 news, my pal revealed himself (in the absolute nicest PM I've ever gotten - in Ravelry or any other space) as Jerry of Twisted Knitster. I promise I'll write you back, but I wanted to publicly say THANK YOU! I'm still figuring out what to make with the crimson bamboo - I'm thinking a spring/summer top with ruffly sleeves - and will make sure to send you pics when it's done. You've been added to my bloglines!

After the noticeable absence of Anne (my knitting mojo), I had a bit of a rough first half of December, knitting-wise. As you may be able to see in the "way to small to really see but I'm not fighting with Blogger to change it" photo of this month's FOs, most are baby hats. And, even, most are preemie hats for the 20 Hats Project. Even so - this comes to seven preemie hats, one baby hat, a washcloth, and a cabled scarf (to be fair, the scarf was technically done last month - but I didn't unpin it from the floor where it was blocking until December, so there). Even not counting the scarf that's 3.5 skeins gone. Not shown are two scarves finished since taking the photo (over the weekend) for the DH's teachers. Why did I decide to do scarves? Washcloths and soap would have been so much easier!

Speaking of which, I feel the need to crow over my Christmas knitting. I'm going to go back and update the original list (and won't duplicate it here), but the sum of it is that I think I'm actually going to manage to finish everything more or less on time! And that's WITH adding in three washcloths and two scarves! The only problem is that I may have to give B one Peekaboo mitten, with a promise to finish the other before 2008... I do have one rather involved cabled hat left too, and that may be given while still on the needles, also with a note. Luckily I have understanding friends!

My real problem this fall has been an inability to stick to multi-skein projects. The baby blanket for L is still languishing in hibernation, and the infamous "I know what I'm doing" sweater for the DH hasn't made it past one skein. I keep looking at them (they're sitting on my knitting table, mocking me) thinking that I'll work on them tomorrow, and then I pick up some cotton for another hat/washcloth. Oi. New resolution: finish projects!


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