Still Knittin' (Or trying to)

Thursday, December 06, 2007
So I thought Anne (aka, my anthropomorphized knitting mojo) had come back to me - I got a baby hat and one skein of the child's sweater done yesterday - but today has been a total wash. I think I'm on probation... or am just out of ideas. Urgh. The DD and I went shopping at Michaels today to pick up yarn to make quick scarves/hats for her teachers. While we technically enhanced the stash by 7 skeins, three of those are hers and I am explicitly not allowed to knit them, so I'm calling it an addition of 4 skeins to the stash. I hope to get rid of them quickly! It seems like Michaels has decreased their yarn supplies lately - I didn't see several types that used to be around there...

The only thing really keeping me from going bug crazy with this whole Anne-ran-away thing is that two of my friends are getting "married." I say "married" because they are not technically getting "married" - they're not legally able to do so - but are really having a "commitment ceremony." But, let's be honest folks, it's a wedding. A full out, smells and bells Episcopal wedding. And why am I so excited? Because they celebrated their 25th anniversary this past August, and if anyone should be allowed to get married it's the two of them. Hell, they've been together longer than most of my pharmacy students have been alive! And, I get to sing with the choir at the service! And S is going to be Mistress of Ceremonies (this is a job one of the honorees usually does - but I noted that you cannot MC your own wedding). She's a bit nervous about the number of clergy and level of detail being planned for the ceremony - but will do fine.

There's a funny term for a group of clergy. Hang on... Wikipedia has an abomination or an assembly of clergy and a "mass of priests." SNOL.


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