Sizing - Argh!

Monday, December 10, 2007
So I've finally figured out why my baby hats always come out way to big for your average baby (see Anne's Hagrid Hat debacle). I've been using the sizing from the Knitters Handy Book of Patterns. Turns out Budd's idea of sizing for children is WAY off - she has a newborn size with a finished circumference of 16in; the CYCA standard for actual head size of a baby is 14in. In order for the hat to be snug, it should have negative ease, not positive.

This is part of my ongoing frustration with the two KHBoP books - Budd appears to like things very loose and bulky (5in of ease on a sweater for a child is TOO MUCH). I'm going to be going back through some of my patterns and resizing them. Argh.


  • Sammie

    Thanks for the information on head sizes. I've had the same problem with baby hats being too big.

    The Gritty Knitty

  • Anne

    LOL I'm so with you. I don't even KNOW why mine suck, but the hagrid debacle is certainly a good show of how well I do!

  • KT

    Of course, the good thing about baby hats being too large is that you have hope that the baby's head will grow... I once made a friend a hat that she wears OVER another hat, it's so ginormous!

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