Please talk to your designer!

Friday, December 28, 2007
I've noticed for a while that there's this funny reticence about asking questions of a pattern designer - much less making suggestions - but a near eagerness to do these activities in online forums, via other blogs, and on Ravelry. I am not sure why this is - do people not want to hurt my feelings by pointing out a mistake or confusing thing? Do people think I'll be snarky about their basic questions? Or worse, totally unresponsive? Because - and I'm just speaking for myself - I LIKE getting comments on patterns. I LIKE hearing people's comments and replying to them. Am I weird?

It's not as if I wouldn't notice a linkback to my patterns... I'm an obsessive self-Googler, and with Bloglines, Technorati, and Ravelry all giving me additional ways to track who is working on my patterns, I'm fully able to find your comments and questions about my patterns. (Even the grumpy ones!)

PLEASE, if you run into weirdness with one of my patterns, PLEASE let me know! You're probably not the only one with that question! Example: I wrote the Basic Men's Mittens using row counts, because that's easier for me to keep track of than a length (not least b/c I always lose my favorite sheepy tape measure). But I'm happy to add length notes into the pattern - I just have to know that you want them (as does someone on Ravelry who wrote about this in her notes). Don't understand an abbreviation? I'll make a note or spell it out. Found a mistake? PLEASE let me know so that other people aren't led astray.


  • km

    Holy Cow! I mean how rude is that?! I've been totally amazed at the designers willingness to help. I've emailed several with questions...and I've been blown away by their kindness. But to doubt that they would answer...

    I'm sorry that this has happened to you.

  • hannah

    Hey, well, I don't have any comments or problems with your patterns, but thought I'd like to say how much I enjoy knitting them. AND they were very well received as gifts too :) Thank you so much for taking the time to put together patterns and put them out there for the world at large to critique :)

    Only thing I can say is, I prefer row counters to length as well... it makes the project seem to go so much faster :)

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