Have You Seen My Knitting Mojo?

Tuesday, December 04, 2007
I've lost her. Here's a description: She's cute, crafty, creative. Her name is Anne (and she's German, so it's a two-syllable name, Ah-neh), and she's trained to scream "Not my mommy!" when strangers approach, so be careful. I lost her over the weekend, somewhere after casting off the latest preemie hat and casting on the next three failed projects...

It was my fault, really. I didn't have a pattern in mind for the first failed hat (okay, four tries of the first hat). The needles are too small for the second one. And I really should have listened to Anne when she noted that a 5in ease on a sweater for a person with a chest measurement of 23 inches is way too much... I drove her away, I fear, when I threw caution to the wind by casting on the 140 stitches at 5spi anyway. I trusted in my new-found confidence in making all knitting work (the result of felting several bowls), and was horribly, horribly wrong.

But now I'm ready to admit my error, and beg for forgiveness. Anne, I frogged the sweater, and am swearing off that particular not-to-be-named designer (who has great ideas, makes things nice and easy, but has the most goram sizing I ever saw) in favor of striking out on my own. Anne, I need you, because I'm about to create a yoked, seamless sweater without a pattern, and I've never knit one of these before, even with help! Also, I've found appropriate needles for one of the hats, and have an actual idea for the other. I promise to listen to you next time!

Anyhoo. If you see Anne - and I'm assuming she left on her own and was not abducted - please tell her I miss her. Don't try to approach or make sudden movements. In addition to the screaming she's always equipped with telescoping needles (like Emerson Cod in Pushing Daisies), and she isn't afraid to use them. Just tell her I need her back, and soon, if I'm going to finish the Christmas knitting.


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