Goals & Resolutions for 2008

Sunday, December 30, 2007
This is the time of year, of course, when everyone resolves to be a better, richer, thinner person in the next year. I suppose we all mean to do this, but who actually does? Last year I wanted to spend the year decreasing my yarn stash - and I'm pleased to report that I have done so. At the latest count I have approximately 112.5 skeins of yarn in my stash (not counting the 3 from my scarf pal, but counting 3 that are in the baby blanket that I hope to finish by the end of tomorrow, so it evens out). I estimate that I had about 150 at the beginning of the year - so a decrease of about 25% isn't bad! Here are the goals for this year:

1: Continue knitting from the stash. My short-term goal is to have 106 skeins by February 1st, though I'd be really happy if that were more like 100 skeins. At this point I have the luxury of knitting without set deadlines - much more fun - and for long-term project ideas.

2: Only purchase yarn for designated projects that have a cast-on date of less than a month away. This should help curb the "ooh, pretty!" purchases that get me in real trouble.

3: Write one pattern a month to share for free and one pattern a month to either sell or publish. What I'd really like to get into is designing freelance for independent yarn spinners/dyers, but we'll see if that happens.

4: Make one project a month from one of my knitting pattern books. According to Ravelry I have 37 books in my knitting library - and that doesn't count the dozen or so that aren't in the Ravelry library. I would estimate that of the 28 that aren't either stitch pattern books (Barbara Walker collection) or essays/humor (Knitting Rules!), I've only ever knit something from maybe 4. I'd like to up this number so that I feel like they're actually useful!

5: Make 2 preemie hats a month (on average) as part of the 20 Hats Project.

6: Write my thank you notes within a week of receiving a gift. I'm not starting off too well on this one, but I know I need to work on it. (By the way, the remaining goals aren't knitting related. You're welcome to stop reading now).

7: Lose 15 pounds. Luckily I've not gained anything over the holidays, but unfortunately in 2007 I gained a bit and want to get it off. I had, by the way, one shitty year, and so gaining 15 pounds is about the least bad thing that happened. And Mom, please don't ever mention food or my weight to me. It doesn't help.

8: Get the house painted and the bathroom redone. Also, finish the random little projects around the house that I've started but not completed - like painting the trim in the powder room, painting the guest room, and planting the front bed. We moved several years ago and are still slowly working at making this our house!

9: Clean out the house three times - in April, August, and January - and take donations to the church sale, the Vietnam Vets, and Goodwill (respectively).

10: Successfully accomplish that which failing at made life so miserable in 2007. And yes, this isn't really in my hands, and no, I'm not telling you what it is. If you should know you already do.

And that's it. I'll be busy this year!


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