Emailed holiday "cards"

Friday, December 21, 2007
This year I decided to send a holiday "hi!" to people by email rather than sending paper cards. Honestly, I did this for several reasons: 1: It's a pain (literally) to write something interesting to 70 different people. 2: It costs money to buy cards (and I hate the ones we got on sale years ago). 3: Postage is ridiculous! 4: Why add that much more waste to the landfill (or even to the recycling stream)? 5: It takes a long time, and I need to be knitting, particularly since most of the people that are on my cards list never bother to send ME a card.

So I just sent 70 emails to friends and family, with a family photo attached. With the money I saved (which I estimate at about $60) I'll make a donation to Habitat for Humanity. It's enough for almost two boxes of roofing shingles... or a low-flow toilet and some change. ;)

What would you think if you were one of my recipients? Am I being way too weird?


  • Marlyn

    I think it's a great idea. I wish I could convince DH that it's the way to go.

  • Alison

    Hey, I got your card yesterday and loved it. Great idea! I can always print it out and stick it to the mantel :). As one of those who doesn't send cards (busy-ness plus lack of kids to send a cute picture of), I don't mind at all :).

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