Christmas Wish List(s)

Monday, December 03, 2007
Knowing that my mother (among other people) reads this blog, I'm hereby using it as my share-with-the-world, update-at-will Christmas wishlist. Also, possibly, the DH and DD's. Note that all three of us have Amazon lists. If you know my email (and the DH's), you can get to the lists.

For me (in no particular order):
  • I knew I forgot something: A compost holder. You know, a decorative and functional container for veggie waste until we get it out to the compost bin. Right now we're "using" a plastic bag, and it's just gross.
  • Notecards. I'm tired of my stationery. I like things with flowers (but artistic, not kitschy), and some of the knitting-related ones are cute and appropriate.
  • A one-movie-at-a-time Netflix subscription.
  • A subscription to KnitSimple magazine. (also, other knitting magazines - I get IK already)
  • Christmas-themed cloth napkins (8, if possible).
  • A nice set of cabling needles. I prefer the hook shaped ones, but any are welcome.
  • Some way of organizing my needles. Mostly I have circs and doublepoints - some means of holding the doublepoints together while categorizing them would be amazing.
  • A purple sweater. My old one died. No wool, please, and it would be nice if it were washable (though I always dry flat). [claimed by Mom]
  • A lap desk. The DH has claimed my old one, and I need something to write on in the car/sitting around the house/etc.
For the DD: These are more themes than specific items:
  • Art supplies. That child goes through paint brushes like no one I've ever seen.
  • Beach/sandbox toys.
  • Musical instrument. She particularly loves percussion - maybe a set of maracas?
  • Fish supplies - we're getting the fish and are receiving my bro's old tank & stuff
  • Seeds to plant in the garden (like, sunflowers, beans, etc.)
  • Tights. White. That child is a weed. Also, pants. Email me for the size.

For the DH: check his Amazon wishlist. He's being obstreperous about giving me ideas. Man will just have to be happy with whatever these little fingies make for him.

NOTE: She does not watch TV, including movies.

The hardest part of creating a wishlist is that we don't actually NEED anything. I would be just as happy with a "I've donated a box of roofing shingles in your honor to Habitat" as I would with pretty much anything. And speaking of which, these are the charities/nonprofits we'll be supporting this year: Doctors without Borders, Habitat for Humanity, Heifer Project, Arbor Day Foundation, UNC-CH (Botanical Gardens, SILS, and HSL), WCPE, Carolina Ballet, NC Zoo, NC Aquaria, NC Museum of Art, Chapel of the Cross. That should keep the IRS busy!

This week I'm putting together the quarterly box of donations to either Goodwill or the Vietnam Veterans of America thrift stores; and if I give so much stuff away every year, do I really need more? When we recently downsized we realized just how much extra we are storing - and so we got rid of about 1/3rd of our possessions. I am working to keep from having to do such a huge cleanout again!


  • km

    I wish I could express those "we give so much away, why do we need more!" thoughts to my MIL. They are Jewish, so we celebrate Hanukkah. Last nigt my MIL dropped of 8 gifts x 5 people = 40 (not small) wrapped presents. And she is still shopping for Christmas. We've treid to talk her into downsizing her shopping, or paying for soccer or an art class instead of this abundance. I've just had to be ok with taking very good care of what we're given...and then I can bless some others with our overflow. Way to go with expressing your thoughts with the list.

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